What is Therapeutic Stretching?

Therapeutic stretching is a term used for passive and active stretching techniques that aid in rehabilitation, help to increase function and mobility, and help to increase flexibility and prevent injury in the musculoskeletal system.

 Benefits of Therapeutic Stretching

– Corrects Dysfunctional Issues of the Musculoskeletal System

– Improves Mobility, Flexibility, and Function

– Prevents Injuries

– Prevents Muscle Tightness and Tension

Is Therapeutic Stretching Right For You?

If you have suffered an injury that limits or impairs your mobility, range of motion, or functionality, therapeutic stretching techniques may be very beneficial for you. These techniques are often a great addition to your chiropractic treatments as well. While the Dr. may give you a list of stretches to perform at home, you may choose to have a therapist guide you in performing the more advances therapeutic stretches in our office.

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