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“My name is Alishea Usery and I’m a graduate from McCluer-South Berkeley High school. I ran track for my high school I was going through a couple of injuries. That is how I met Dr. Travis. He was one of the best interns by far at the Logan Chiropractor working on me. Because of him “fixing me” I got a full athletic scholarship at the University of Florida to run track. Right now I am in my second year of school and I still use some of the techniques he taught me. Travis is a tremendous person, doctor, and friend. Anyone would be lucky to let this man work his magic on you.”

– Alishea Usery –


I nearly gave up hope until I found North Tampa Spine & Joint Center.

I had been to several medical doctors to try to find relief for my lower back and neck pain. All I received were pills that only provided a small amount of relief and made me feel tired all the time. After meeting Dr Travis Mohr I knew I found the real deal. I received a complimentary consultation to help me decide if Chiropractic care would be a better alternative than traditional medical treatment,. I decided to give it a try and I’m sure glad I did. I am now able to do many of the activities I could no longer participate in thanks to the gentle and effective care I received with Dr. Mohr.

Cory Waldron

My husband and I recently started seeing Dr. Mohr to treat some chronic back pain. He is extremely knowledgeable about the latest chiropractic and sports rehab research and he took the time to explain to us about the causes of our discomfort and how to best treat and prevent our pain in the future. His goal is to work on the areas that need help, and to reduce our discomfort going forward. We found Dr. Mohr to be friendly, educated, and very professional. I would recommend him to anyone in pain from an old or new sports injury, or to anyone with chronic neck or back pain. We have seen a great improvement in the way we feel in just a few weeks.

Sarah Bowie

Congenital Torticolis: This one speaks for itself!


I am a 57 year old female. I live in South Tampa and would drive as far as I needed to in order to see Travis. He is excellent. When I first arrived in his office I had extremely limited movement on my left leg. Some of the quote unquote best physical therapists in Tampa were ready to shoot my hip joint with a $750 shot of cortisone, and or do a hip replacement. After the first four visits to see Dr. Mohr ” one day I was at my office and about mid day I suddenly realized I was walking without a limp and without pain. I proceeded to tell and show every single person that came in to my office that day that I could walk, run and dance”..things I had not been able to do without pain in about 6 months. Although I suffered a setback, that was my own fault for taking time off from my prescribed homework, after a few more visits I was back on track again. My husband and I recently took a trip to Paris France. We spent 6 days walking and walking and walking some more around one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I truly believe that if it had not been for Travis I would NEVER had been able to accomplish that. I now go to the gym 4 days a week, walk without pain and started playing volleyball again with a group of beach bums we hang out with on the weekends. I would tell anyone that suffers with pain to STOP suffering call Travis. Now I will tell you that is comes with homework and do not be surprised when he brings out what I refer to as his “silent Ninja tool’s” and works on you!..but believe me when I tell you!.it is SO worth it. Travis will go the extra mile for you, if he does not know the answer to why you are in pain; he will do the research to find the answer. He is a delightful, dedicated and compassionate doctor. Make an appointment and see for yourself.

Debbie Dunsmoor

I had constant and sometimes sever pain and lack of mobility with my shoulder for about 5 months. After I finally figuring the worst, I set an appointment with Dr. Mohr to determine how bad I had damaged it. He examined me and determined suspected problems and treatment that did not include surgery. He explained how it had gotten the way it was, and how it could be corrected. I began treatments, and after the first session could tell a difference. The explanation, “it took months to damage, it cant be corrected in days made sense.” Over the last two months, I have had remarkable improvement. Each week he worked on areas to improve mobility and function while removing the pain. I have seen an 85% improvement. He listens to me describe the problem and uses his techniques to correct the problem. I would recommend him to everyone, and have already.

Gary Williams

I have gone to chiropractors for years. I like the alternative approach to wellness that chiropractors offer, although, I’ve never been completely comfortably with the routine adjustments or the “one size fits all approach” most chiropractors use.

When I met you, I had been to 2 different chiropractors for an acute lower back problem that was very painful. Both chiropractor’s had “adjusted” me which in my opinion exacerbated the problem. Your approach was very different and included “breaking up the scar tissue” in my lower back (later you worked on an old shoulder injury, too). The treatment I received from you yielded dramatic results.

I am now healthy and strong again. I am very grateful for your help.
Hopefully I won’t have any more injuries; however, if I do, I’m very glad you are my chiropractor.

Jann McHollan

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My decision to stay in FL for an extra week so I could get two additional treatments was a very good decision! Thanks for all your help! I would not have been able to drive home and the work around here without the treatments that I got from you!!!

Norm “snow bird”
This fellow was great with Dustin…he showed him different therapeutic exercises that he could use to work his shoulder…he strapped his shoulder. Dustin feels good just going with the exercises on his own after about 6 visits.
Much appreciated,