Nutritional or dietary supplements are preparations that aim to supplement the diet and provide the body with additional dosages of nutrients, which may include vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and fiber.

Nutritional supplements are intended to provide the body with what is lacking in the diet and not as a sole source of nutrition. According to various dietary guidelines, the primary source of nutrition should be the diet and people should exercise means to provide the body with the right amount of nutrition through food. However, in cases that nutrients are lacking in the quality of food, nutritional supplements play a role in adequate nutrition.

Nutritional supplements are not intended to be substitutes for food intake because they simply do not have the same quality and benefits found in foods. Some supplements may not be worth the expense because most of them are already found in foods; you just have to maximize your food choices.

Aside from the vitamins, minerals and other drug-like preparations of nutritional supplements, dietary supplements may also come in the form of natural health products such as herbs that also provide the body with adequate amounts of nutrition. However, not all dietary supplements are needed by the body and some may just provide consumers with false notion that they are needed for better health. In fact, if you are already healthy and eat a wide variety of foods, you may not need any food supplements. In line with these, it is essential for people to know what may be the worthy nutritional supplements that they can have in order to get the most out of their money. The following discuses the possible nutritional supplements that may be worth your money:


Vitamins contained in multivitamin are one of the most worthy nutritional supplements that you can have. Vitamins are considered micronutrients that the body needs in small quantities. Vitamins are usually found in foods; however, these essential vitamins are usually destroyed or reduced when foods are overcooked or prepared in a wrong way. Processing of foods also reduces the amount of vitamins present in raw ingredients. An example of this is the processing of wheat into flour. Once it has been processed, the vitamin E and B component, iron and zinc are usually reduced. Because of this, we need vitamin supplements in order to ensure that we get the needed daily requirements.


With the depletion of the quality of mineral composition of soil, trace minerals in food may also be reduced. Causes of mineral depletion include soil erosion and various farming practices. Due to this, minerals are also an important nutritional supplement. Minerals are usually packed along with vitamins in multivitamins and mineral supplements.


Fiber is another nutritional supplement that is worth the money. People already have increased consumption of processed foods as well as fast foods, which considerably contain less dietary fiber. Fiber is essential because it improves the digestive functions and regulates normal bowel elimination. Fibers are needed in large quantities and they usually do not produce significant overdose.

These three nutritional supplements are the most worthy supplements that you can have. Most herbs and other natural health products usually offer the same nutrients so there is really no need to have additional supplements in these forms. Macronutrients, in the form of amino acids, carbohydrates and fats are also not needed by normal individuals because they tend to occur greatly in our diet. Nevertheless, you may still have them, but it would just increase your expenses when you actually don’t need them. Consider having vitamins, minerals and fiber as nutritional supplements instead.