Cool Tips - Wesley Chapel ChiropractorSummer is a good time to undertake outdoor activities such as swimming and sports; however, the heat of the sun may also become uncomfortable at times. Summer heat actually may bring about various complaints such as dehydration and heat stroke. Because of this, it is best to enjoy summer while staying cool. So between your Wesley Chapel chiropractor visits, the following may help you stay cool even when the sun is shining high:

• Stay outdoors during cooler times.
You may actually enjoy the sun, but make sure that you go out on cooler times such as early morning and late afternoon. In fact, the wind during these times is cool, but you still enjoy the summer feeling. Staying under the sun between 9 am and 3 pm may actually cause heat stroke because of very high temperatures. In addition, this may also lead to skin cancer over time.

• Use cotton, loose-fitting and lighter shade clothes
The manner you dress actually may help you stay cool. Cotton shirts absorb sweat better than other synthetic materials. The air also circulates better in cotton shirts making them fit for summer. Loose-fitting and sleeveless tops may also help you stay cool by allowing better air circulation. Furthermore, lighter shades such as pastel colors dissipate more heat than darker clothes.

• Have a water bottle spray with cool water at hand
Bring with you a cool water spray to give you a refreshing feeling in an instant when going outdoors.

• Increase water intake
Drinking adequate amounts of water during summer also helps your body cool down. Make surer to drink at least two liters of water even when inside the house. To make it better, drink ice-cold water when you are out in the sun.

• Indulge in fruit shakes
Fruit shakes are best during summer because you are not only cooled down, but you also enjoy the tropical feeling. Have fresh fruits always available to make fresh and all-natural fruit shakes and juices.

• Use fans
Even if you are in an air-conditioned room, the air becomes warm faster during summer. In this line, it would be better to use fans with your windows wide open to keep cool air from circulating inside your house. You can also carry small, portable and battery-operated fans when you go out of the house so will have something to use when you feel hot.

• Take a bath several times a day with cool water
Taking a bath simply does the job of cooling you down during summer. Take an extra bath in midday and mid-afternoon when the temperature is at highest

• Visit malls more often
You don’t have to shop, just do window shop while enjoying the cool temperature inside.

• Avoid caffeine
Cool sodas may be good during summer only if not with the caffeine. Caffeine increases urination; thereby making you dehydrated fast. Instead of drinking caffeine-rich beverages, just stay with cold water and fruits juices or shakes.

• Go to pools
Summertime is the best time to go swimming and swimming is also the best way to beat the summer heat.

For most people, summer is the best time of the year, so instead of staying indoors just to stay cool, you can actually enjoy your summer activities in a cooler way.