When summer time approaches, people become excited for outdoor activities and other fun activities with their families and friends. However, summer is not all about outdoor fun since the summer heat may also yield some disadvantages. When temperatures reach higher levels, problems do not only arise in terms of comfort since there are a lot of conditions that may arise with excessive high temperatures.

During summer, there are increased incidences of muscle cramps, heat stroke, heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. These, however, are highly preventable following effective cooling measures during the hot weather. The following are the top 10 most effective ways to cool down this summer to prevent the complications that go with the heat:

  • Stay indoors during excessively high temperatures

Yes, outdoor activities are fun during summer, but learn to identify when it is time to stay outdoors or indoors. If you think that it’s too hot to stay outside, spend some time indoors such as going to the shops and malls and enjoy indoor summer activities. If you like sports, do some indoor volleyball or tennis to stay away from the summer heat.

  • Stay out during cooler times

If you want to do some outdoor fun, make sure to stay out during cooler times such as early morning, late afternoon or late evening. This prevents you from being exposed to the summer heat. If you can’t get enough of the sun, make sure to avoid being out between 10 pm and 2 pm since the heat is at its peak during these times.

  • Re-pattern your exercise

Exercise is good even during summer, but make sure not to exercise in excess heat. Stay indoors or exercise early in the morning.

  • Wear the right type of clothes

Keep those baggy jeans and thick clothes during summer. Use loose-fitting clothes as well as clothes with light colors. Loose-fitting and airy clothes allow for better air circulation. Use cotton shirts rather than synthetic fabric to help absorb your sweat. Choose white and lighter shades of clothes since dark clothes tend to absorb heat more.

  • Always carry a cool spray bottle

When going outdoors or just when you are staying at home during a hot weather, make sure to have a spray bottle handy. For best results, keep them inside the fridge before using. Have a quick refreshing spray on your face and other exposed areas of your body for that immediate cooling sensation.

  • Use fans and air-conditioning machines

Fans and air conditioning devices are very effective to make you stay cool during summer.

  • Hydrate

Always stay hydrated because dehydration is the most common cause of heat cramps and exhaustion. Always have a bottle of cold water with you. When inside the house, always keep bottles of water in the fridge for immediate refreshment. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they may promote dehydration through increased urination.

  • Take ice chips and indulge in cold desserts

After meals, it is always nice to have some ice cream and other cold desserts to keep you cool.

  • Take frequent showers or baths

Cool baths and showers are the most effective means to stay cool during summer.

  • Use sun protection

When outdoors, also don’t forget to use hats, umbrellas and sunscreens to limit the effects of the sun’s heat.

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons, but make sure to go through summer in the most comfortable way by employing effective cooling measures.