Standing Up Straighter - Wesley Chapel chiropractorMore and more people suffer from poor posture due to various reasons such as physical trauma, musculoskeletal injuries and fatigue. In this line, it is essential to promote better posture because a good posture may be an indication of overall musculoskeletal health.

To help you achieve a straighter posture, the following tips may be employed:

• Be as relaxed as possible while standing
Most people believe that a good posture involves a military stance, which involves standing up with tensed back and chin up position. However, a straight posture is better achieved using a relaxed position because too much tension on the back may eventually lead to fatigue and dropping of the shoulders. Maintain a relaxed stance by keeping your feet one foot apart and keep your shoulders loose and straight. A good technique to maintain a relaxed posture while standing is to place a book on top of your head while practicing walking. Keeping the book on top of your head indicates that you are standing straight. Doing this technique several times allows you to become as relaxed as possible in the long run.
• Undertake stretching exercises for the back and shoulders
Poor posture is usually caused by tensed or tight back and shoulders, which leads to eventual dropping and kyphotic posture. In order to ensure a straight posture, employ stretching exercises to improve flexibility of the back and shoulders to support proper spinal alignment. Good stretches for proper posture include:
• Arm stretching. Raise your hands straight up and maintain the position for a count of 30. Repeat three times.
• Squatting. Squatting allows your back to be straight in regard to the normal anatomic position. Do squats several times a day.
• Take ballet classes
Ballet dancers usually have great postures. Ballet lessons usually involve stretching exercises as well as other routines that keep the shoulders straight and properly aligned. If you are interested in ballet and want to have good posture, you may take short classes in your free time.
• Do yoga
Yoga is another form of exercise that you can undertake to stand up straighter. Yoga involves various postures that allow for or promote normal anatomic position. Aside from proper posture, yoga contributes to overall physical health.
• Employ proper body mechanics
Body mechanics or ergonomics usually promote the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system by employing proper movement, stance, gait and the like. Some of the good body mechanics that promote straighter posture include:
• Proper bending. When picking up something of the floor, make sure to bend on your knees rather than bending on your waist.
• Proper lifting. When lifting, stand-up by kicking your feet against the floor to help your body assume a standing position. Also, put the weight in your feet as you lift instead of using your back to carry the weight.
• Proper reaching
Never overreach things, instead, go nearer the object to get them. Overreaching causes muscle tears on the arms and shoulders that may lead to poor posture.

Employing these simple tips may help you achieve a good posture, which helps prevent spinal problems and other musculoskeletal injuries.