People are faced with everyday stress. While we would like to stay away from stress as much as possible, we get confronted with life challenges at work, school, and at home. Stress is a normal day to day challenge. And as your Lutz chiropractor will tell you, emotional and mental stress can have a real and physical impact on your health. Instead of aiming at avoiding it altogether (which is hardly possible), reducing stress to manageable levels can help you face problems and get through them with ease. If you are experiencing elevated stress levels, the following are the top ten ways to reduce stress and improve quality of life:

  • Take some supplements

The first step in reducing stress is to address the nutrition. Vitamin B complex is an excellent stress relieving supplement since it helps the body generate more energy and helps improve nerve function and cardiovascular health.

  • Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids

Another way of addressing stress is to eat a balanced diet. It is never advisable to fast during periods of stress because it will worsen stress symptoms. A balanced diet will give you the right amount of nutrient including antioxidants for better stress management.

  • Accept stress

Another effective way of dealing with stress is to acknowledge it. Accepting your sources of stress will help you manage them correctly by instituting measures to correct a problem instead of being burned out with your challenge all the time.

  • Be optimistic

Pessimistic people usually are more stressed than optimistic ones. `In this regard, make sure to think positively to generate possible results as well.

  • Engage in exercise

Studies have revealed that lack of exercise worsens stress and depression. Take some time to walk or jog or engage in sports activities where you can find other support system.

  • Manage your time properly

It would also be best to make a time table for all your activities to avoid rushing and becoming stressed at meeting deadlines.

  • Engage in stress reduction activities

Reduce your stress by reading a book, listening to music, watching comedy films, singing, yoga, meditation, guided imagery and the like. You can also try window shopping to relax your mind.

  • Give up your vices

They say smoking and alcohol consumption can reduce stress levels, but the truth is, smoking and alcohol drinking can escalate your stress more making you smoke and drink some more repeating the cycle all throughout again.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep is an important remedy for high stress levels. When you don’t sleep right, your stress hormones are increased making you feel more tired. Have at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and make sure to sleep 2 hours before midnight for better quality of sleep.

  • Get a massage

Mental and emotional stress usually translates to physical fatigue as well. A relaxing massage is an excellent way to free your back from tension making you more comfortable.

Stress is the number one reason for the development of mental disturbances. Make sure to keep your stress levels within manageable limits to make you enjoy life better.