Are you planning for your next weekend getaway with your family or friends? Are you considering an out of town activity that requires you to drive long hours? Well, aside from planning on your itinerary and your needs, you might as well plan to make your trip a more relaxing and enjoying one, and your local Lutz chiropractor can help.

Long drives may be fun, but sitting in the car or driving for a prolonged period of time may also cause various complaints that are not worthy of disturbing you with your trip. When you drive for longer hours, you tend to hurt your back, your legs, your neck, and your shoulders that can ruin everything you have planned. Also, long drives can cause poor circulation in your legs making you at risk for deep vein thrombosis. Aside from these physical effects, long drives can also make you sleepy and this is just not good if you are the driver making you at risk for vehicular accidents.  To help you maintain comfort and safety on the road, the following are the road tips that you can follow:

  • Get a good night sleep

Before your trip in the morning, make sure that you had a nice sleep at night to keep you from closing your eyes while you drive. Also, this ensures that you got optimum rest before your body faces stress in long drives.

  • Stay hydrated

Another tip for comfort is to stay hydrated. Drink a bottle of water every two hours especially if you are driving at mid day. Avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks because this can give you a sugar rush, which can make you agitated on the road. Caffeinated drinks are also diuretics that can make you uncomfortable while driving.

  • Do some stretching before taking the road

Before you take the road, perform some simple stretches from the head to the foot to condition your body. This ensures that your muscles are flexible to prepare them for a long drive.

  • Grab some candies

A basic tip for long drives is to keep candies in your car so you can have one every now and then. This can make you alert without the excessive sugar in chocolates.

  • Play some CDs

When you are driving, make sure to be alert all the time. One way of ensuring this is to have some cool music to make you alert and keep the passengers entertained.

  • Have a lumbar support

Aside from ensuring safety on the road, you must also promote good body mechanics to ensure maximum comfort. Using a lumbar support pillow helps support the arch of your back and keeps it from aching while driving.

  • Take some breaks

If you are driving longer than an hour, make sure that you take a break from driving every two hours. Our body usually receives stress when it is positioned in one place longer. In this line, find a shady place where you can park and take some walk to regain circulation in the legs. This will also take tension off your back and shoulders from driving making you alert and ready again for the next two hours of driving.

These are just some of the things to ensure comfort and safety on the road. After your long drive, make sure to get some relaxation through massage or visit your chiropractor for special measures.