Like thousands of other people, you must have also felt those occasional pangs of back pain when you swung that golf club a bit too enthusiastically, picked up something too heavy or hunched on the computer whole day battling a deadline. Such one off instances of back pains might not be a matter of concern. But if the pain lingers for more than a few weeks then it can disrupt your lifestyle.

Almost every second person in this world suffers from back pain at least once in their lives. Thankfully, there are a few very effective ways to get rid of back pain permanently. Unless the pain is due to a serious injury or disease, a surgical treatment is seldom required.  Following are some of the ways to combat and cure chronic pain effectively.


Consumption of pain medications as per physicians’ suggestions can work wonders in case of some types of back pains. Medicines like Paracetamol or ibuprofen have been known to work very well. Diazepam, a type of muscle relaxant, can be effective if the pain is caused by muscle pulls or spasms. But mostly such pills and oral medicines are used for instant relief.

Chiropractic Care: 

It is a very effective solution for chronic back problems. Such problems often arise due to incorrect body posture and spinal positions. In fact, incorrect sleeping posture can cause back pains too. An experienced chiropractor can correct the biomechanics of the body through spinal adjustments. This offers a long term and complete relief from such pains in the future. He will also correct your body posture so that these problems cease to arise in future.

Yoga And Back Exercises:

Regular practice of yoga and different exercises can keep your body fit and the back healthy. It has been observed that people who follow a daily fitness regime seldom suffer from back problems. Exercises like Modified Floor Block, Static Extension and Static Back strengthen the lower back and keep you free from back problems. Yoga and aerobics can also help in this regard.

Healthy Lifestyle And Behavioral Techniques:

Insomnia, infrequent and inadequate sleep can also contribute towards back pains. If regular sleep cycle is disturbed due to work related stress or unhealthy lifestyle then healthy living courses can work like magic. You can also take doctor’s advice if needed. A few weeks of proper sleep and rest can effectively take care of the back pains.

There is another angle to above point. Some doctors have observed that too much sleep can induce back pains as well. Hence the proper solution is to follow a healthy routine with 7 – 8 hours of quality sleep every day.

As this article has established, chronic back pains can be a cause of concern if not treated quickly. Proper attention towards the problem, finding the root cause and treating the cause with effectiveness can rid you of this problem quite easily. So do not be alarmed when such pains strike, deal with them carefully and you will be able to resume a healthy life in no time.