Neck pain is the second most common pain that can be experienced by people next to back pains. Neck pain can be caused just by any injury to the area such as sleeping in a wrong position, working too long in front of the computer or just by holding the head in a forward head posture.

The neck is also commonly neglected until such time that people can no longer move their necks. Neck pain is considered mild, but any stiffness in the area can be an annoyance to a person. If you are experiencing neck pain and stiffness, the next thing you would like to do is to employ measures to relieve the pain and start moving the head and neck normally. But how are you going to do that? The following are some of the effective measures to help you relieve pain on the neck:

  • Get a massage

If you have been feeling tensed shoulders with neck pains, chances are, you have muscle knots or tension along your cervical or neck muscles. A gentle massage can help soothe the pain by relaxing the muscles and breaking the muscle knot. However, if you suspect any head or neck injuries from an accident, better consult a physician or a chiropractor first before employing massage to prevent further nerve impingements.

  • Use warm packs over the neck

Applying warm packs over the neck area is another friendly treatment for neck pain. Warm packs help relax the muscles to relieve tension on the neck and shoulders. Ice is actually a pain reliever; however, using ice packs on the neck may just lead to more pain as neck pain is common caused by muscle tightness. Aside from using warm packs, you can also use warm moist towels or even get a warm bath in the evening to promote muscle relaxation.

  • Perform neck stretches

When you have been working all day in front of the computer and suddenly feel neck pain, neck stretches is the most immediate management that you can employ before the muscles get much tensed. Stretching the muscles improves flexibility and they also enhance the range of motion of the neck. There are various neck stretches that you can employ such as:

  • Chin to chest or neck flexion
  • Neck extension
  • Ear to shoulder or lateral neck flexion (right and left)
  • Chin to shoulder or neck rotation (right and left)

All these stretches can be performed while sitting upright. Make sure to hold the stretch for at least 20 seconds to make the stretch more optimal.

  • Using a soft neck collar

When the neck pain seems to come frequently, using a soft neck collar can lift the weight of the head off your neck and help your neck muscles and spine to recover.

  • Using pain medications

Lastly, you can always use painkillers for your neck pain. Consult your physician to get a prescription of muscle relaxants or opioid analgesics if your pain doesn’t go away readily.

These remedies are usually the most common managements employed for neck pain. For other problems involving the neck, more aggressive treatments may be required so it is always best to talk to a health care provider regarding any pain that you may be feeling.