Apart from the beds, pillow is probably the most important amenity while sleeping. Most of us cannot sleep without our pillows. But have you ever thought of a pillow to be more than a mere pillow? Did you ever think that your pillow can give you relief from neck pain or perhaps the pain in your neck is because using wrong pillows?

When we stand straight, the back of our head and the spinal cord are in an alignment but when we lie down the portion between the head and the neck literally suspends in the air in turn causing neck pain. It is highly recommended that people who are suffering from cervical spine problem should use a contoured pillow. In fact for relieving pain special orthopedic pillows are also available in the market.

The pillows now-a-days come in anatomic designs that help relieving pressure and offer maximum comfort to the neck. The memory foam with the contoured design provides the adequate rest required by the neck.

As per experts:

  • If you sleep on your stomach, opt for a thin-flat pillow. Keep it near the stomach.
  • If you prefer sleeping on your back, pick a really thin pillow, so your head does not get thrown forward making sure your neck is cradled.
  • If you like to sleep on your side take a firmer pillow filling the distance between the outer shoulder and the ear.

There are many types of pillows out of which the main ones are the memory foam pillow, chiropractic neck pillow, neck support pillow and neck traction pillow.

Memory foam pillow: The memory foam pillow is designed in a way to follow the contour of the head and the neck, arching at the back, hence, supporting the neck. The cheaper pillows use a combination of foam fillings with sand while the expensive ones are made up of complete foam.

Chiropractic neck pillow: The next in the line is the chiropractic neck pillow which again is a foam base soft edge pillow. This pillow is ideal for neck alignment and gives a proper support to the rest the head. Compared to the highly dense foam pillows, this one does not aggravate ear problems. The chiropractic pillow also helps in treating problems like whiplash, arthritis and headaches owing to tension.

Neck support pillow: A neck support pillow is ideal for people who are required to bend their necks very often in odd shapes for some reasons. This pillow has been in use since 1895 and it restores the required form and shape of a neck to prevent pains. When you buy this particular pillow, make sure the contour is right for you. It would be appreciable if you consult a physician before buying the same.

Neck traction pillow: The neck traction pillow is a small, U-shaped inflatable pillow which can be wrapped around the neck. Being portable it can be carried anywhere you go. When you feel you need to rest your neck just inflate it to your required level. It is easy to use as you can wear it deflated even while you are either standing or sitting.

If you have the right supportive pillow and your neck is resting in the neutral position, you will get up as fresh as a petal. Your muscles will also not be strained while you sleep and you will not be feeling fatigued. So choose the best neck pillows for a healthy painless neck.