Phase 1: Pain Relief Center


Thumbs Up to Pain Relief

Many people that walk into our Tampa chiropractor’s office, or any doctor’s for that matter, are looking for a pain relief center. No matter where you have the aching, throbbing, or discomfort, you just want it to go away. You’ve ignored it long enough, until it’s become unbearable. Sound familiar?

It does to us, and of course we would love for you to have come in for preventative care to avoid this altogether, but right now we’re here to ease your symptoms, then we’ll work together to try and prevent it from happening again in the future.

It’s easy to assume your bones, nerves, and overall body are healthy if you don’t have any of these pains or aches, but pain is actually a very inaccurate indicator of good or poor health. Quite the opposite, in fact, pain usually signals you relatively late, after the problem has already become more severe.

A perfect example is a toothache. Do you think you felt that shooting pain the instant the cavity started to form? It probably took weeks, months even, for that small problem to turn into a bigger problem, until the cavity was serious enough to cause you extreme pain and discomfort. Or take heart disease, many people don’t experience chest pains until they are actually having a heart attack, which may be too late.

Your spine and nervous system are no different. Pain is the culmination of several smaller problems at the root of the issue. It’s never too early to at least come in for a consultation and get a quick assessment of where your body stands, before you can’t stand at all. Dr. Mohr will even give you a series of back pain relief exercises that you can do at home if you want to speed up the process.

And if you’re already in pain, there is a bit of good news: Since pain is usually one of the last signs of the problem, it’s also one of the first symptoms to go away with treatment. That doesn’t mean the underlying issue is fixed, but at least you could have less pain, or even none at all, in the meantime.

So whether you’re coming to us looking for a pain relief center or preventative care, our goal is to have you walk out with less pain and on your way to an overall healthier body.