Have you thought of suspending in air like astronauts do in space? Gravity chairs or zero gravity chairs allow you to do a similar thing with added advantages of remaining suspended in the air for your overall well being, keeping your spine in better alignment and keeping your Tampa chiropractor happy.

A gravity chair is an adjustable chair designed to give support to the body for overall comfort and weightlessness. They are highly adjustable for you to assume your most desired level of comfort. Most gravity chairs can be adjusted in several positions so you can use the chair in an upright position, reclined, or even on a partially lying position.

The concept of gravity chairs is traced back in the 1980s when NASA started to send people in space. It was found out that when a person remains suspended, the pressure in the body is also released making it beneficial for the joints, spine and heart.

Gravity chairs aim at reducing the pressure on the ribcage and spine to support the weight of the body efficiently and reducing pressure in the organs such as the heart for improved circulation, breathing and even overall comfort. All of these are actually experienced when you are at space without gravity because your weight is not placed on your body giving you better ergonomics and organ function.

With all of these, gravity chairs are not just ordinary chairs. They can help prevent and manage certain conditions, which you cannot get from regular chairs. Specifically, the following are the benefits of gravity chairs:

  • Helps prevent back pains

When you come from work, you can relax in your zero gravity chairs and lift tension from your spine. In offices, gravity chairs can be used as a regular chair and can be reclined during break hours to help the spin e recuperate from focused desk work.

  • Helps relax the brain and eyes

Aside from its advantages on the spine, gravity chairs can also help the brain and eyes unwind from work. When you work in front of the computer for instance, reclining your gravity chair can keep the light off your eyes as you also relax your mind and spine.

  • Provides musculoskeletal positioning

When you sit in a gravity chair, the pressure in your body becomes well distributed freeing the weight bearing joints and the back from undue tension. This allows the musculoskeletal system to be more stable to help support the body in every activity.

  • Enhances circulation and heart functioning

Gravity chairs can also improve blood dynamics. When you are on a rested position on a tension free structure, your heart is more efficient in pumping blood; thereby, also enhancing systemic circulation. They also prevent formation of varicose veins, which you can get in sitting for prolonged periods.

  • Provides massage benefits

Some gravity chairs also have massage features to add to the many benefits of this ergonomic chair.

Gravity chairs are new innovations in terms of chairs, but they are increasingly gaining popularity because of their benefits for the body. If you are looking for gravity chairs for your office or home, there are several manufacturers who can give you the best chair possible.