The summer season is one of the best times to lose weight. Aside from enjoying outdoor activities with friends or family, you get to benefit from faster fat or calorie burning due to the summer heat that comes along your exercise, keeping your body flexible and making those maintenance visits to your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor even quicker and easier.

Summer also allows you to do the things you love while you lose weight. Staying inside the gym and using gym equipment are sometimes boring so you may need a dose of fun and exciting outdoor activities to complement your workouts. If you are looking for a different way to lose weight while you enjoy, here are the top ten summer activities that you may do to shed those extra pounds:

  • Tennis

Tennis is a complete workout. You run, jump, swing your arms and stretch your trunk to develop most parts of your body. The running and hitting alone can help you shed up to 700 calories per match. The bonus part is you get to tone your muscles in your arms, back, legs and shoulders for a leaner body.

  • Swimming

Another total workout that you can do during summer is everyone’s favorite: swimming. It helps you develop your arms, back, abs, chest and shoulders and you get to burn 400 calories per hour.

  • Canoeing

Canoeing is an exciting and adventurous summer activity that you can do and burn 450 calories in an hour. Just make sure to get adequate training especially if it’s your first time to do it.

  • Volleyball

If you play indoor volleyball, why not try beach volleyball at your favorite beach. This can help you burn as much as 500 calories in an hour. Just don’t forget your sun block to prevent burning your skin under the sun.

  • Hiking

Get your feet on the go and pack your camping equipment and go for a hike. Hiking helps you burn as much as 500 calories in an hour and more if you go hiking through inclined terrains. Don’t forget to bring water and satisfying snacks such as fruits and whole wheat.

  • Frisbee

If you want a similar exercise as aerobics, then playing Frisbee is right for you. Play with a pal and burn 400 calories in an hour.

  • Cycling

For those wanting to add cardio workouts in their weight loss plans, cycling can help you in achieving your goals. You can ride at your favorite routes or ride along with friends and discover new routes for more adventure.

  • Gardening

Summer activities don’t need to be all sports or games. You can develop your ornamental garden at your lawn or make your own organic garden at your backyard. Gardening does not only help you burn 300 calories in an hour, but also gives you a stress relieving activity.

  • Family outing

If you have kids, enjoy some time with them to go to the park and play with them instead of staying inside the house. You can easily burn 250 calories in an hour and you get to n the company of your family.

  • Shopping

Summer time is also the best time to stroll around shopping malls. You may not feel the intense pressure like some exercises, but walking around the mall can actually help you burn up to 240 calories in an hour. You don’t have to buy anything, just satisfy your eyes with window shopping and lose weight too.

These are just some of the effective and fun summer activities to help you lose weight. You may enjoy other activities that interest you and get to benefit from weight loss as well.