Chiropractic massage works well with a massage therapy and getting both maximizes the positive effects to the spine than what you get from separate treatments at your local Land O Lakes chiropractor’s office. However, the question lies as to whether you should get massage before or after chiropractic adjustments. Is getting a massage before adjustments better or is it the other way around? To help us answer these questions, the following discusses the role of massage in chiropractic care and how it can help maximize the benefits of spinal adjustments.

Massage in Chiropractic Care

Getting a massage in addition to chiropractic care is not a new practice. In fact, many chiropractors have already seen the benefits of getting a massage before or after a chiropractic manipulation. Massage is a perfect adjunct to spinal manipulation because it starts targeting the upper layers of the muscles overlying the vertebrae making it easier for chiropractors to reach down the level of the spine for manipulation.

Massage is focused on the soft tissues such as the muscles while chiropractic care focuses on the bones such as the spine. Despite the difference in focus, these two therapies go so well because the muscles and the bones always go together. Managing the muscles makes them absorb more tension better preventing the bones from receiving undue pressure. On the other hand, making sure that the spine is in proper alignment prevents muscle spasms that may cause back pains.

With all these benefits of massage in chiropractic care, it becomes a debate as to when it is best to have a massage. Bu there is really no debate on the issue as having a massage before and after chiropractic adjustment may be necessary depending on the individual case of the patient.

Massage before Chiropractic Adjustment

Massage prior to adjustment may be best for people who are just starting their therapy as the muscles may be stiff to allow for better manipulation. Massage relaxes the muscles to make the adjustments easier and with less pain. This is also best for people who use chiropractic care for health promotion as well as prevention of spinal problems since massage helps relax the body right before manipulation.

Massage after Chiropractic Adjustment

In some people, massage after chiropractic care may be the best arrangement. This is especially true for those who require frequent adjustments or those who do not respond immediately to the treatment. Massage after the therapy or adjustment ensures that the back muscles are relaxed ensuring that the proper alignment of the spine is maintained. Muscle spasms after chiropractic adjustment may be possible and this may misalign the vertebrae at some points. Massage after the adjustments prevents this from occurring making more long-term benefits.

In some instances, massage before and after chiropractic adjustments may be necessary. Getting a massage generally depends on the case of the client and chiropractors would usually identify what would work best for their clients. If you are undergoing spinal manipulation, it is best to talk to your chiropractic regarding getting a massage therapy as well.