If you have been experiencing back pains, the best way to continue your activities pain-free is using lumbar support, which your Wesley Chapel chiropractor can help you with. Lumbar supports are special devices that maintain the normal curve of the lower spine. Lumbar support can come in the form of lumbar support cushions, lumbar support belts as well as ergonomic chairs with built in lumbar supports. While all of them provide the same benefits of supporting the normal curve of the lower back and preventing muscle strains in the area, each have their own advantages or benefits that you may want to consider.

The Benefits of Lumbar Cushions

Lumbar cushions are similar to small pillows only that they are manufactured to support the lower back. An advantage of lumbar cushions is they are portable wherein you can use them wherever you go. They are also small and can easily be carried with you in your trips. Lumbar cushions as best for regular travelers, drivers or those who just want to watch a movie or a sports event comfortably. Lumbar cushions can also transform hard chairs with no support to something that can support the lower back. However, a disadvantage of lumbar cushion is it cannot provide lumbar support during other activities such as lifting or standing.

The Benefits of Lumbar Support Belts

Lumbar support belts are excellent alternatives to lumbar cushions when you need to become mobile and active. Lumbar belts are similar to ordinary belts, but they are wider with at least four inches in width. Lumbar belts can be worn under the clothing so you can use them almost in any situation. Lumbar belts are very advantageous when you are working especially for workers who are lifting heavy weights. Lumbar belts are also best for parents who need to carry their babies most of the time to prevent straining the back. Belts ensure that the back muscles are not strained during movements. Lumbar belts also prevent tension on the more delicate spinal joints because it allows the muscles to carry more load preventing tension on the underlying vertebrae. In this line, lumbar belts not only prevent muscle injuries, but spinal injuries as well.

Aside from lumbar cushions and lumbar support belts, getting ergonomic chairs with adequate lumbar support provides consistent back support while working in chairs for longer periods.

The benefits of lumbar support indeed, should not be underestimated. When the muscles on the lower back are strained, it may lead to excruciating lower back pain that can affect mobility and overall ability to ambulate.  This in turn will shift the tension to the underlying lumbar vertebrae that can further lead to joint degeneration on the lower back. To prevent such instances, use the most appropriate lumbar support device.

Lumbar support belts, cushions and chairs provide their individual advantages. To get the most out of your health, make sure to use the appropriate lumbar support device in every activity. It may be best to have your own lumbar cushion as well as belt to cater to your various activity needs.