Chiropractic adjustments are a special therapy involving the manipulation of the spine. Aside from this, this also involves a combination of massage, physical therapy, exercise and other chiropractic managements deemed necessary by your local Lutz chiropractor. If you are thinking about how long a session would take, the answer is it depends on the individual circumstances of the patient.

An average adjustment takes about 3 seconds to do in each vertebral joint. However, the preparations as well as the therapy after the adjustment may take a while. Each actual adjustment requires lesser time than you expect. With correct technique, positioning of the patient, position of the chiropractor and correct amount of force, a chiropractic adjustment may only take about 3 seconds to do.

In every visit, you may expect to have the whole consultation for about 20 minutes to an hour. A general chiropractic visit will usually start with physical assessment followed by a diagnostic test if necessary. Diagnostic tests are usually done during your first visit to identify your main concern, after which, you may have shorter consultation time since you won’t need to go through the diagnostic procedure, although chiropractors would usually start at assessing a patient regardless of the number of visits the patient already had.

After assessment, your chiropractor may discuss your treatment plan with you and this may include chiropractic adjustments. After the entire plan is discussed, some preparations may be done (usually a massage to help relax the muscles around the spine for easier adjustment). After which, you will be positioned in a table for the adjustment. As stated, it is relatively quick to do the adjustment with an average of 3 seconds per affected vertebral joint. When you hear a snap on your spine, then the adjustment should be done. After which, your chiropractor can prescribe massage, physiotherapy and strengthening exercises for optimum results and comfort.

While it is generally fast to perform the adjustment itself, the total duration of your visit can also depend on your individual circumstances. For instance, the severity and gravity of your back problem may affect the way your chiropractor can treat you and may lengthen or shorten your consultation time. Next, the onset of your complaints may be looked into. Acute cases take shorter time to manage and heal while chronic back problems may require more time.

Aside from these, the duration of your chiropractic visits may also depend on the type of instrument used. For instance, manual manipulation may take a while than instrument guided adjustments. Moreover, your response to treatment after an adjustment may also affect the duration of your succeeding adjustments.

Generally, the length of chiropractic adjustments really depends on personal factors as well as the style used by individual chiropractors. If you are concerned of having your session taking too long, talk to your chiropractor in order to devise a treatment plan that would fit your schedule. Nevertheless, you won’t have very long or short treatments when you won’t need them. Lastly, you should remember that each adjustment may come with other therapies as well to achieve optimum wellness.