Our back is one of the most precious parts of our musculoskeletal system simply because it houses the spine and the spinal cord. When we hurt our back, we significantly affect our general well-being and ability to move properly and comfortably. If you are working in front of the desk or computer for a long time, you may want to employ precautions for your back health because sitting for prolonged periods does not only affect your concentration, but your spine as well, as I’m sure you’ve heard from your local Land O Lakes chiropractor.

If you have been working on a chair lately, you might experience neck and back pains. To prevent possible injury, choosing the right kind of chair can help you maintain back health. There are various chairs available and each has its own pros and cons. In here, we will be comparing regular chairs from kneeling chairs to help you decide which one to use.

Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs are one of the alternatives for regular chairs. It has a permanent sloping of the seat with a padded knee support so you are like kneeling while seated.

Kneeling chairs has the following advantages:

  • Provides more comfort to the feet and legs. While you are seated, your knees are properly supported, which takes off the tension on your lower legs and feet when you sit.
  • Improves proper alignment of the spine. Another advantage of kneeling chairs is it prevents slouching because of the innate 30 degree angle of the seat. For those working for longer hours, it prevents the gradual slouching and dropping of the shoulders making you maintain proper spinal alignment while you work.
  • Improves concentration. It was seen that when you sit in a kneeling position, you gain better concentration for the task at hand as compared to being seated in conventional way.

Despite these advantages, kneeling chairs can also have disadvantages such as:

  • Increases tension on the shins
  • Flexes the knees for a period of time
  • Makes it more difficult for you to get in and out of the chair
  • Limits the sitting position you may have

Kneeling chairs may be more suitable for sitting for shorter periods of time. Otherwise, a regular chair may be of more value if you try to work for longer hours.

Regular Chairs

Regular chairs are more suitable for long periods of sitting because you can assume various sitting positions and you are able to free your legs from impingements and strain. It also allows for better mobility because you are able to get in and out of your chair easier than kneeling chairs. However, a disadvantage of regular chairs over kneeling chairs is it eventually does not provide support for the back when seated for longer periods of hours. It makes the shoulder slouch and the lumbar area to curve inwards leading to back strain and lower back pain.

When choosing the right chair for your back health, it is important to determine the purpose of the chair. For better back health, you may get a kneeling chair for working for shorter periods of time. If you need more time sitting, then you may rest your knees and legs for a while on a regular chair and go back to a kneeling chair after considerable amounts of rest. There is no single best chair for working. You should be able to combine the use of various types of chairs to cater to your individual needs.