Keeping a good posture is not only beneficial in terms of health but also correct posture adds a sense of confidence to a person’s profile and appearance. Practicing a proper posture aligns your body perfectly with the spinal cord and the skeletal frame of your body. A good posture helps you to get relief from some common ailments like fatigue, neck pains, headaches and back pains.

It does not matter what your height is, just sitting straight or standing tall reflects your self-confidence, which is way taller than any height. Now, in order to maintain a correct posture one needs to keep the following things in mind.

A Strong Core Is the Base Of A Good Posture

First and foremost you need a strong core. By core it means the lower back and the abdominal muscles that are connected to the spine and the pelvis area. Some of these muscles are used in extending, rotating or flexing the spine. The rest of the muscles stabilize the spine and pelvis in its neutral position.

Sit-ups or Crunches used some of the core muscles which were good for having a correct posture until now. However, recent Pilates (core fitness programs) and yoga regimes target all the muscles of a body and give you the most out of your workouts.


Pilates was introduced by Joseph Pilates back in the 1920s. Pilates is a form of exercise that combines strength, stretch and core training altogether. In Pilates, the torso and the back work in synchronization and support the spine in all its movements. The focus of Pilates is on the overall balance of the body. Since, it is the core that gets all the strain of the body, strengthening it will reduce the body’s persisting pain that you might be enduring regularly.

Core Fitness Programs:

If your core is not properly stabilized then injuries, pains and aches are bound to occur. It is the core of the body that supports the shoulders, spine and the back. Core fitness exercises are aimed to strengthen all the muscles that are related to this area thereby giving you the correct posture.


Most of us have had times when our mothers used to say sit straight or stand straight. You may have, knowingly or unknowingly, attained a bad posture. After the first session of Tadasana (mountains pose) you will come to know how bad your posture was. Before beginning yoga, understand your posture, create your own yoga recommendations and finally develop awareness about overall stability. In the yoga recommendations include exercises like Adho Mukha Vrkasana (handstand) and Sirasana (headstand).

Odd as it may sound, a good posture can make you appear slim and tall in addition to the self-confidence it will provide you. A proper posture will keep your body fit, provide strength to the only support system of our body that is the spinal cord and will give you a pain free life to look forward to. So try the suggested methods and start a new life with perfect posture.