High fructose corn syrup is a common sweetener used in fruit-flavored drinks, yogurts, meats, breakfast bars, cereals, breads, soups, condiments and some sodas. High Fructose Corn Syrup has undergone an enzymatic process, which converts glucose to fructose to produce a characteristic sweetness.

Scientists found that high fructose corn syrup actually contains 24% water and 76% sugar. Some studies have indicated that high fructose corn syrup have been associated with increased risk for diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and liver disease. However, contradicting studies also have revealed that high fructose corn syrups do not actually lead to these diseases and it is generally safe to consume them.

These results now become a concern for the average population consuming high fructose corn syrups. The question is, is it realty safe to use high fructose corn syrups? This article discusses some of the important points regarding the safety of high fructose corn syrup for human consumption.

The truth about High Fructose Corn Syrup

HFCS are chemically similar to table sugar; however, experts also question whether HFCS is processed in the body similar to how table sugar is being processed.

Various studies have been done regarding HFCS and one allegedly concluded that HFCS contain mercury, which is detrimental for health. Nevertheless, this result has been opposed by more studies, which have seen that HFCS do not contain mercury and there could have been faults in the methodology of the research indicating that mercury is found in corn syrups. At present, high fructose corn syrup was not seen to contain mercury using controlled studies.

At present, there is really no sufficient evidence that indicates HFCS to be more detrimental for the health as compared to other sweeteners. So generally, high fructose corn syrups are not any less healthy than other forms of sugar. However, when sugar is analysed collectively, too much sugar regardless of the type may be detrimental for the health as anything taken in excess may be harmful for the health.

High fructose corn syrup, in this line, is generally safe for as long as people will consume them is moderate amounts. The risk for diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, high triglyceride levels and other illnesses was seen among people who consume high fructose corn syrup and other sugar in huge amounts.

Recommended Daily Sugar Intake

The American Heart Association generally recommends that men and women should only consume up to 150 calories of sugar in a day. This may include sugar of all types including high fructose corn syrups.

So instead of cutting your high fructose corn syrup intake because of malicious news that is not safe to consume, better cut your daily high fructose corn syrup intake. You should also check food labels regarding the amount of HFCS content and other food additives because any processed foods may be harmful, whether or not they contain HFCS or not.

In conclusion, high fructose corn syrup is safe; however, make sure to consume no more than the daily recommended values to avoid the effects of too much sugar in the body.