We all are familiar with backpacks. Right from our first day of school but to the last day of the college, the weights of the bags keep increasing. The bags are no doubt great tools to carry books, notebooks and other utilities. But due to the ever increasing study and homework load, the bags on the shoulders of little kids are getting heavier and heavier every day.

The ever increasing weights of these backpacks are becoming a matter of concern for the parents and experts alike. According to researchers who did a study on the current load on the kids they found children suffering from fatigue and noticed that the load puts adverse effect on the posture of children. Apart from the effect on posture, the backpacks also result in shoulder pain and back pain in many kids.

Many adolescents too complain about back pains and usually we associate this with their day to day activities like participating in different sports or their hectic schedule but we often do not think it could be due to the heavy bag on their back. Since the correct reason behind the problem is not identified and taken care of, this ordeal keeps continuing until a lot of damage has been done.

As heavy as the backpack, the effect is also as adverse and you may not know but these heavy backpacks can lead to musculoskeletal problems. The problem is even worse with those kids who carry their bags only on one shoulder. The side-effects most commonly seen are:

  • Pain in the shoulder, back and neck.
  • Fatigue.
  • Development of poor posture.
  • Strain to the neck.

Some children also develop long-term effects like:

  • Chronic pain in neck and shoulders.
  • Spinal damage giving rising to problems like Kyphosis  or hunched back
  • Scoliosis (spine bent sideways).
  • Back pains and muscle spasms.
  • Breathing problems due to the pressure put on the lungs as a result of the forward/sideways bent posture.

Major issues like chronic back pain, imbalance or if your child has a medical issue like scoliosis can result in making the pain too much for them to bear. The spine is made of bones layered with a growth center and points where the bone grows and takes place as per the age of the person. Excess weight on the shoulder and back can immensely effect this growth leading to abnormal growth of the bones.

So how can we resolve this problem? While we cannot reduce the books but we can deal with the backpack and make it easy on their body. While selecting the backpack make sure it is not bigger than required because the bigger the bag the more place to carry and the stuff inside will also make the bag sag backwards putting excess weight on the shoulders to carry it. Make sure the strap is wide and padded and always take adjustable straps so you can adjust them to your child’s posture. Visiting a Tampa Chiropractor from time to time can be also very beneficial.