Fish oil is obtained from oily sea fish like Salmon and it contains beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. It is no secret that fish oil has the ability to keep inflammation down and digestive problems under check. There are, however, many other benefits of consuming fish oil regularly. It positively affects almost all parts of the human body. Here are some other benefits of fish oil:

  • Remove Blockages From the Arteries: It is an established fact that Omega 3 fatty acids help remove cholesterol from arteries and reduce chances of heart failures and blockages.
  • Protection From Polluted Air:  One of the lesser known but very important benefits of fish oil is its ability to protect the heart from air pollution. As per an American study, taking a dose of three grams of fish oil daily for a month improved the heart’s response to pollution for more than twenty people.
  • Reduce The Effects Of Osteoarthritis: A survey displayed that regular intake of Omega 3 rich diets reduced symptoms of osteoarthritis among guinea pigs by as much as 50%.
  • Reduce Signs Of Aging: As per the recent evidences found from studies, Telomere shortening can hinder cell regeneration and normal stem cell functions inside the body. This leads to early and unhealthy aging among modern men and women. Regular intake of fish oil helped reduce the rate and signs of aging significantly.
  • Increased Fat Burning: Studies have shown that regular exercise in conjunction with Omega 3 fatty acid laced fish oil consumption burned more calories in a control group of people than people who did not take any fish oil.
  • Reduce Rate Of Inflammation: As mentioned earlier, EPA and DHA helps reduce inflammation effectively throughout the body.
  • It Is A Great Brain Food: The DHA fatty acid is abundantly available inside the human brain but the amount of DHA in the brain decreases as a person ages. As per a study conducted on a group of 800 men and women over the edge of 65, those who ate fish regularly were less likely to develop signs of Alzheimer’s as compared to those who did not consume any fish at all.
  • It Can Prevent Prostate Cancer: According to a study conducted on a more than thousand Swedish men, the group of people who are fishes like Herring, Salmon or Mackerel regularly had a lesser chance of developing prostate cancer than those who did not consume fish on a regular basis.
  • Improvement Of Bone Health: Omega 3 DHA is an important building block for healthy bones. It was proven by a study conducted on rats which showed that rats that consumed Omega 3 DHA regularly had healthier bones.
  • Enhance The Immunity: Fish oil is not only beneficial for specific ailments and conditions but it also helps increase overall immunity of the body. People who consume fishes like Salmon every week fall less sick as compared to people who do not.

Fish oil is one of the wonder supplements that are easily available but often neglected. After reading about the helpful benefits that Fish oil can bring to a human body, people should start eating fishes or take this supplement regularly for a healthy and young body.