“Sit up Straight.” This is what we often hear in the school, office and other settings, but do people really sit up straight? How often do you see a person sitting in a good posture? Have you seen someone who sits straight throughout the day? All of these questions boil down to the fact that it is really hard to sit up straight. Why? The following discussions will bring light on why people find it hard to sit up straight and the managements to allow better posture.

The Mechanisms of Sitting

Sitting involves the flexion of the hip joint while your back remains steady. Sitting up straight is really hard to achieve because the spine has natural or normal anatomical curves in the first place. When you aim at sitting up straight, it is tantamount to straightening the spine perfectly. However, since the spine normally curves inward and outward at specific points in the vertebrae, sitting up straight will be next to impossible.

However, the aim of the term “sit-up straight” is not to straighten the spine, but to maintain a good posture wherein the shoulders don’t drop and the back doesn’t slouch. When this is achieved, you maintain an erect position without having to have a perfectly straight spine.

Difficulties in maintaining an erect position while sitting lies on the condition of the supportive structures in the shoulders and back. For instance, a tight pectoralis muscles on the chest will allow the shoulders to drop. In the same line, tight back muscles will make it hard for the back to support the weight of the head and neck when sitting leading to a slouched position. A weak shoulder blade can also contribute to a slouched position.

Since people never really care on their posture when sitting, all of these conditions get worse making it harder to sit up straight because you are stuck in that poor posture most of the time.

How to Sit up Straight

Since sitting up straight is affected by the supporting structures, strengthening and supporting them will help people sit erect most of the time. The following are some of the tips to help people sit up straight easier:

  • Move around after some time

When you sit for prolonged periods, the problems in the supporting structures become severe making you slouch more. In this line, when you feel that your shoulders are dropping, get up and move or walk around. Doing this will help you relax your back muscles helping you to maintain a better posture.

  • Do stretching exercises while sitting

While you are sitting, employ some simple stretching exercises for your neck, shoulders and back to improve their flexibility and gain more strength to hold an erect posture.

  • Be conscious on your posture

Try to get a hint when you are already in a slouching position. When you feel tired and tensed, chances are, you are beginning to slouch. When you feel this, Take a rest and relax your shoulders.

Why do people think that it is difficult to sit up straight? It’s because people expect to employ an erect posture most of the time. Since this is not possible, aim at regaining proper posture regularly rather than trying hard to sit up straight continuously.