Comparing free weights to weight machines has long been a heated issue in fitness. According to some, using free weights can lead to the best fitness results, while some also advocate the use of weight machines. Both sides may have their advantages and disadvantages What would be the best device to use: a dumbbell or a machine? This article will try to compare free weights from  exercise machines and will try to come up with a conclusion as to whether you should use machines over free weights or vice versa. Either way, visiting your Tampa chiropractor in between exercise sessions will keep your muscles and joints in top condition no matter which option you choose…

Free Weights

Free weights are exercise equipments that can be moved freely. These may include dumbbells, barbells, ankle weights, kettle bells, and even the own weight of the person.

Free weights are said to be more complex to use and best for advanced trainers because they are more difficult to use. You may need more experience to employ various workouts without causing injuries.

Free weights cater to most body parts in just one workout as opposed to exercise machines that tend to focus on a particular muscle. This makes free weights more advantageous when it comes to developing your muscles because it can target several muscle groups at the same time depending on the pose you are achieving. However, free weights can pose more risk for exercise injuries because you may need to employ each pose correctly to prevent tension to various muscles.

Weight Machines

Weight machines are good for beginners because they offer a step by step and specific training for a specific muscle group. It allows targeted workouts and allows your muscles and bones to move along a plane preventing musculoskeletal injuries. Weight machines are also easier to use because you only need to move them according to the prescribed instructions. However, since they are fixed, you may need to use several machines to target different muscle groups as opposed to using free weights wherein you can cater to various muscle groups at the same time.

What’s the Real Score?

The main difference when using free weights and weight machines is the structure and function of the muscles developed. Free weights focus on the functionality while weight machines focus on the structure of the muscles.

In simpler terms, weight machines only focus on developing the mass or size of the muscle groups say increasing the mass of the hamstrings. On the other hand, free weights improve the overall function by involving the muscles in a multidisciplinary motion for enhanced efficiency and strength.

As they say, no single weight training equipment can cater to all your needs. Free weights can be less expensive and you may want to try using them. Weight machines are a little expensive, but can help you start your training program on the right track. Free weights and weight machines both are desired for fitness. Choose equipment that will best meet your exercise needs. You can also consult a fitness expert on what to use during your training to cater to your exercise needs.