Sleep is the most precious and important biological activity for any living being. After the day’s hard work, a good night of sleep is essential to restore energy and stamina. Many people might not know that sleep is essential for the body to recover from injuries as well. But, there are even more people who feel sore and stiff in the morning after 8 hours of peaceful sleep.

We all sleep to our comfort but we never try to find out whether our favorite sleeping position is actually healthy or not.  You may not notice the position you are sleeping in but you will be amazed to know we actually sleep in only four positions which are: on our back,  on our sides, in a fetal position and on our stomach. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each sleeping position.

On The Back

This position prevents not just the neck and back pains but helps in reducing acid reflux and maintaining perky breasts which is a boon for girls. But, this position increases the snoring which might be a nuisance to the others. According to a chiropractor, if you do not want any extra force on your curves then maintaining this neutral position is ideal. Sleeping on the back is also good in preventing wrinkles as your face is free from any pressure.

On The Sides

The next position is sleeping on your side. It is a very good position to sleep in provided you are sleeping on the left side. Side sleeping has a lot of benefits such as reduced snoring and acid reflux. Sleeping on the left side also reduces chances of heartburn, which is obvious as the heart is at the left side of the body. Sleeping on the left side increases blood circulation to the heart and the rest of the body. This position is also suggested for pregnant women. This position is not good for facial wrinkles and breasts will sag while sleeping in this position.

On The Stomach

Though this is considered as a bad position it does help in the reduction of snoring and in some cases of sleep apnea also. But, apart from these two benefits sleeping on your belly is not good at all and you might be amazed to know this is the worst position to sleep in even though this is the most-loved position for many. Sleeping on the stomach has a lot of fallbacks such that the natural curve of the spine gets flattened which leads to back pain and this position can also strain the neck.

The Fetal Position

This is definitely a worse position and this one should be restricted at all costs. You might feel comfy in this position especially in the winters when you are enwrapped in warm quilts but this position restricts the breathing and also has the tendency to compress your vital organs.


Now if you are confused in the three positions (fetal is obviously out of consideration) then opt for the side position (left side is preferable) to sleep as this is the best position to sleep in. Your pillow also plays a significant role so choose wisely.