An exercise ball is a popular tool for workouts, but have you heard using it as an office or desk chair? Yes, these giant balls can be used as a desk chair and may provide various benefits to its users and can even double as an exercise device and improve your posture along with your regular Tampa chiropractor visits.

Exercise balls are used to enhance the strength and balance of a person. It acts by catering to the core muscles of the abdomen and back to make you more adaptive to position changes; thereby, making you more stable. When you use exercise balls, you also get to improve your overall posture. Well, these effects of exercise balls were shifted from the gym to the office by providing same benefits to office workers. But how does it offer benefits for those who sit? The following are some of the benefits of exercise balls as desk chairs:

  • Promotes active sitting

When we sit on regular chairs, we tend to stay passively seated. This allows for impairment in the circulation as well as passive motions of the muscles. In exercise balls, you engage your muscles to work in order to make you balanced giving you another way to work out while working.

  • Promotes core training

As stated, sitting on an exercise ball can help you work out your muscles in your abdomen and back giving you more core strength even just when sitting down. Exercise balls as desk chairs are believed to benefit those with back issues as well as those who want to develop their abdominal muscles.

  • Provides more balance

When you sit in an exercise chair, you make conscious effort to maintain your balance so as not to tumble down from the chair. When you do this repeatedly while you work, your body adapts to becoming more stable even if you are not using an exercise ball. It widens your perceptual filed when it comes to balance and improves your overall mental alertness to problems in steadiness.

  • Improves posture

Sitting in an exercise ball as a desk chair is not easy as you would constantly remind yourself to sit steadily to maintain balance on top. When you start to slouch or lose posture, you tend to get tumbled down from the chair. This allows you to maintain better posture since you would not want to lose balance on your chair.

While these benefits would likely motivate you to get an exercise ball as an office chair, it should be noted that all innovations also have their downside. You cannot just sit on an exercise ball all day long while working because this would mean straining your muscles (especially your core muscle) too much. You shouldn’t get rid of your regular office chair since u may need to get up from an exercise ball every 20 minutes to allow your muscles to rest. As with any other exercise, too much work can lead to muscle soreness. This is true with using exercise balls as chairs because sitting for prolonged periods in these huge balls can also lead to muscle aches at the end of the day.

If you think you need an exercise ball as an office chair, talk to your chiropractor for better guidance.