There was a time when computers were just used in the offices. But it has turned into a necessity now and almost every house in a city has one. But be it the office users then or the ones who use it at their homes now-a-days, some problems all computer users can relate to are back pains and neck pains every now and then.

The reason for this is the sitting posture. Most people tend to sit in a wrong posture while working on computers and as this habit continues for hours, days and months, it can have disastrous effects on the health. You might not know that when you sit for work, the weight of your head on your neck increases 10 times. It means that when you move our head just 3 inches forward, your cervical spine receives 30 times the weight of your head. So just imagine how much your neck suffers under this predicament.

Not just back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain, many people have suffered from arm and wrist pains too due to working on computers for prolonged periods. Many people suffer from eye problems and headaches also. Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur from repeated use of the keyboard and mouse. These problems are in fact quite common for those who earn their living by working on computers.

The modern revolving chairs with adjustable back support pretend to give you comfort but in reality they are just making it worse. It is not possible to attain good posture in these chairs hence you just end up with your spine in very bad alignment. Prolonged exposure to this condition will definitely land you in the hospital or a chiropractor’s chamber.

So how can you overcome this problem? Well, it is not as hard as you might be thinking. Follow these tips and you will be in relatively good shape.

  • Use an ergonomic or wooden chair where you can maintain the correct posture.
  • Make sure the computer is at or below eye level to reduce strain on the neck.
  • Take a stroll after every 45 minutes. Stretch your body and get the flow normal.
  • Use a balance board to keep your body fit.
  • Make sure your elbows and wrists rest parallel to the floor and they are in a comfortable position.
  • Visit a chiropractor and learn the perfect sitting posture.
  • Use a screen guard to protect your eyes.
  • Use cushion on the chair to protect the lower back and coccyx area.

Many computer users have suffered from RSI or repetitive strain injury. This happens due to any repetitive movements like using the mouse for a long period or typing on the keyboard for a long time. To get this problem resolved you can use a soft cushion to rest your elbows and wrists on.

You cannot let go of your work as it is most likely your livelihood but you need to take corrective and preventive measures when your work starts to take a toll on your health.  So just follow these tips and working on computers will not be as bad as you think it is.