Osteoarthritis or OA is a degenerating arthritic joint disease where you suffer inflammation, breakdown and even eventual loss of cartilage in your joints. A huge number of people in the world, especially the elderly are suffering from this condition. The cartilage has a tendency to get worn down over time and age.

Osteoarthritis is of two types: primary and secondary. The primary type of OA is generally associated with aging and more commonly known as the ‘wear and tear’ of life. In your old age you are likely to develop at least some level of primary OA; however this is not compulsory. OA is a disease and not part of your aging cycle. The secondary OA can affect you early in your life and it is most commonly caused by injuries.

OA is most prevalent in the knees, hips, hands, spine and fingers with rare cases of it affecting wrists, ankles, shoulders and elbows. OA can cause chronic back pain, leg pan and knee pain.


Obesity is the condition where you have too much excess fat in your body and it starts to affect your regular life. It can be associated with either genetic or environmental factors and it is often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. If your body is having a Body Mass Index (BMI- tool used to measure obesity) of 30 or more then you are obese. Being obese increases risk to developing related conditions like hypertension (high blood pressure), sleep apnea, coronary heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer (breast, colon, endometrial), Dyslipdemia (high cholesterol level), stroke, liver, gallbladder disease and gynecological problems (infertility or abnormal menstruation cycles).

The Connection:

OA has often been linked to obesity due to the prevalence of OA in obese people. Obese people often suffer from knee and spinal arthritis. The basic connection is easy to make. Too much weight puts excess stress on the joints which makes the cartilage work under stressed conditions. Thus more wear and tear than normal happen which result in arthritic tendencies.

The high number of OA in obese individuals in areas considered as non-weight-bearing like finger joints gives the suggestion that there is definitely a connection between OA and obesity. The Adipose tissues play an important role here as they are the main source for chemokines, metabolically active mediators known as adipokines and cytokines. It’s these factors that have the pro-inflammatory and catabolic properties that orchestrate the patho-physiological process in the OA. These biomechanical and biochemical details well prove the correlation between the two factors. This is a primary reason why any Wesley Chapel Chiropractor suggests losing weight as you age.


Obesity and Osteoarthritis are two different conditions and once they are both in your life, your life will be a living ordeal. Preventions are only possible if your mind is set that you want to be fit. Although you cannot prevent OA if it were to affect you, staying fit will definitely delay its onset and. Follow your doctor’s or chiropractor’s suggestion and you will definitely be able to lead a healthy old life.