Diabetes mellitus has been affecting millions of people worldwide from children to adults. In the US, diabetes is one of the top causes of morbidity and mortality. It involves problems in the metabolic function specifically the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin or the inability of the cells to utilize insulin leading to increased blood sugar levels. Diabetes, like any other conditions, can be linked to the spine and a recent research has linked the possible role of chiropractic care for the management of diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition that is irreversible, which means that a person with such disease usually live their life with the condition. This makes the condition a lifelong disease and even the most recent drugs may not be able to reverse the condition.

A growing number of evidence has seen the valuable role of chiropractic care for the wellness of people with diabetes. A majority of people may not be able to understand the role of the spine in the management of diabetes. Looking into simple descriptions, any problem in the spine may lead to problems in other organs in the body. This means that correcting any problems in the nerve roots in the spine may be able to manage or improve the well-being of the individual organs as well. In diabetes, correcting problems in the spine relating to the pancreas may be able to help people with diabetes manage their conditions better.

Functional Connection Between the Spine and the Pancreas

The pancreas is innervated by the nerves in the cervical and thoracic area (neck and upper back). When these nerves are affected or compressed, the function of the pancreas is also thought to suffer since lack of innervations may lead to reduction in function of the organ as well. The pancreas secretes various enzymes needed for digestion and metabolism and one of which is insulin. Lack of innervations in the organ may lead to problems in digestion and metabolism that may lead to either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, both of which may be seen in a person diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

The Spine, Nerve and Blood Sugar Connection

The belief that a connection exists between the spine and diabetes is not only an assumption. A recent research published in the Journal of Spinal Subluxation has seen that chiropractic care have positive results in the management of people with diabetes. This is especially true for people with adult onset diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

Adult onset diabetes involves the reduced ability of the pancreas to produce insulin. When the spine is affected, the pancreas may also suffer from reduced innervation for it to perform adequately. When subluxations are released during chiropractic care, the pancreas may regain or improve its ability to secrete higher levels of insulin for the body’s use eventually managing high blood sugar levels.

Other Roles of Chiropractic Care

Aside from the link between the spine and the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin, chiropractic care may also produce other benefits such as education on proper diet and exercise.  All of these are needed for the holistic approach to blood sugar management.

If you have diabetes and would want better well-being, talk to your health care provider and chiropractor for the possibility of chiropractic care.