If you are suffering from headaches regularly and if they have been occurring for more than a month or so then the headaches will be termed as chronic. There can be numerous reasons behind chronic headaches including but not limited to migraines, sinusitis, allergies, tumors, stress and tension and also sensitivity towards light or sound.

Following are the most common reasons for headaches and their symptoms:

  • Stress: It is a growing problem in today’s life. Such headaches usually start later in the day or in the evening and encompass the forehead and the base of the skull.
  • Migraines: This condition has plagued the human race for centuries. A typical migraine headache will be sharp and throbbing and affect the front of the head, the whole head or only one side of the head.
  • Sinusitis: People suffering from sinusitis will have headaches during rainy seasons, winter or summer. These headaches will be similar to the migraine headaches and engulf the whole head.
  • Allergies: Allergies often play a large part when it comes to chronic headaches. For example, people who are allergic to Gluten may have headaches if they do not take Gluten free food.
  • Tumors: This is the most dangerous reason for chronic headaches. Some people do not understand this reason at first and spend months or years looking for probable treatments. The headaches can have various patterns and specific trigger events.

Solutions and Treatments:

If chronic headaches persist for more than a month then you should immediately go for a thorough check up including an MRI. Until the root cause can be identified and treated, following treatments can be useful:

  • Aspirin: An all-time favorite solution for headaches. Apart from headaches, Aspirin is also useful for the heart and overall wellbeing of the body.
  • Ibuprofen: Variations of Ibuprofen such as Motrin and Advil often provides quick relief from headaches.
  • Sumatriptan: It is an injectable headache medicine which is useful if the headache is too severe.
  • Tea or Coffee: A hot cup of tea or coffee can rid a person of headaches especially if the headache is due to stress.
  • Massage: A light and soothing head massage can work wonders for some types of headaches.
  • Chiropractic Care: An experienced chiropractor can correct the biomechanics of neck and the spine which might be the cause of headaches. Regular care with neck and spine adjustment is a perfect treatment.
  • Surgery: Only considered in the most extreme of cases such as tumors.

Apart from these solutions, living a healthy life, cutting down on drinking and smoking and also finding ways of eliminating stress can effectively treat some types of chronic headaches.

No matter how frequent or severe the headache is, consumption of over the counter medicines is never recommended. Instead, you should visit a good doctor, clinic or chiropractic practitioner for complete understanding of the problem and permanent relief from these headaches. Do not feel helpless as a huge number of people suffer from chronic headaches and most of them are able to lead a normal healthy life via proper treatment.