Do you find it painful while you sit and work in your chair or do you feel very uncomfortable? It is important that you feel absolutely comfortable in your chair as most of us have to spend good 7 – 8 hours each day on it. Problems arising from uncomfortable chairs can be taken care of by New Tampa Chiropractor services but it is better to prevent the problems than correcting them. Getting the right chair is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of thought go into manufacturing an ergonomic chair and you have to know the different features to look for in a chair.

So how can you choose the best chair for office?

The seat of the chair should be able to support the lower part of your body comfortably. The seat pan’s length should neither be too long nor too small otherwise you will not be able to sit comfortably. It is suggested that you pick the ergonomic chairs as they have waterfall seat pans that help you in retaining your knees in their neutral posture. The contour of the seat in such chairs is very comfortable for most people and you will not feel any tiredness or fatigue even if you sit for a couple of hours at a stretch. Insufficient support to your back and lower body can easily lead to back pain and leg pain.

The Features To Look Out For:

The Height: The height of the chair should be adjustable. A chair that has a height range between 16 to 21 inches can support most people. Your knees should bend at 90 degrees while sitting on the chair and your thighs should be parallel to the ground. To prevent arm pain and shoulder pain, your hands should be at an even height with the table.

The Armrest: This is important if you work on computers. Handling the keyboard and the mouse can easily take a toll on your hand.

Comfortable Lumbar Support: The inward curve in the lower part of your spine needs to be properly supported otherwise it can lead to posture deformity and lower back pain. The backrest and seat of ergonomic chairs is designed to support is delicate part of your spine.

Material Of The Seat: The material of the seat has to be comfortable. Make sure that the material is not slippery otherwise you will slide into uncomfortable positions every now and then.

The Headrest: It is not mandatory for a chair to have a headrest but having one can help if you intend to take some rest in between work. The headrest should be of adjustable height as well. 

The chair you sit and work on everyday is actually a part of your life and routine. If you wear clothes that suit and fit you or eat what is healthy and what you love then why do you let your back suffer due to sitting on uncomfortable chairs? Ergonomic chairs support your body and give relief from various health challenges. Choose a quality chair and never let your body feel the brunt of your work.