To get an answer to this question, first you need to know who or what a Chiropractor is. A chiropractor uses hands-on techniques for spinal manipulation along with other alternate treatments aimed at the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure. An aligned skeletal structure enables the body to resist against injuries and often heal without surgery or any medication. A chiropractor uses manipulation techniques to restore mobility to the joints that have undergone tissue damage due to any event be it falling, repetitive stress or a traumatic accident.

Chiropractic care is usually used to get relief from pain in the bones, joints and the connective tissues like the tendons, cartilage and ligaments.  This procedure is at times used with conventional or conjunctional treatments.

Approximately 9% of adults between the age 65 and above have disclosed having balance problems. For an old person having a proper balance is very important as it helps them stay independent and allows them to do their day-to-day activities on their own without any help. Lack of balance can easily transpire into back pain and neck pain which adds insult to the injury. But many of the older people complain of having a dizziness or ‘woozing’ feeling while they stand and have problems with their balance. About 40% of old people also suffer from vertigo and it is often the main cause of injuries and even death in old people.

How Can A Chiropractor Help In Regaining Balance?

First your chiropractor will take in your medical history then will instruct you to take a medical examination and might even suggest some lab tests to diagnose the right cause behind the pain and any skeletal deformities. The treatment can involve one or more manual adjustment in which the doctor will have to manipulate the joints, for this they can use sudden force or controlled force. The goals that a chiropractor aims for are:

  • To increase the mobility of joints and spinal chord
  • Reduce pressure on nerves, joints and muscles
  • Return the spine to its natural position
  • Adjust neck alignment and position

Having the proper balance is very crucial for any person so that he/she can have a maintained posture while making any sort of body movement. If you have a good balance then your body will not wobble and you will not lose your balance suddenly while performing any physical activities. Balance and coordination is what our body is designed for. Exercises like cycling, martial arts, swimming, yoga, walking, Pilates or body building help in improving and coordinating the muscles. Those who have activities that involve working on a desk or reading a lot are actually doing the opposite of what the body is made for. And they actually are putting their body through immense stress due to restricted movements that will eventually result in joint pain or back pain. Sitting for too long for hours and hours on and missing out on regular exercises results in the imbalance of the body’s posture. A Land O Lakes Chiropractor is specially equipped to align the posture of the body so that it can maintain proper balance.


If you are suffering from a back problem (old or young) you should contact a chiropractor because they will not only get your spine aligned but will also show you how to lead a healthy life. Make sure you go to a certified chiropractor and whatever they tell you to do or follow you should if you want a healthy and straight back with a good balance.