Our nerves are directly linked with our muscles for the overall functioning of the body. This single fact supports the fact that a chiropractor can help in increasing strength. But how does chiropractic care help in increasing muscle strength? This is just what we are going to clarify in this article.

The nervous system is not only the regulator for the body but it is for the muscular system as well. When a mosquito bites your hand, it is the sensory neurons that send signals from the affected area to the spinal cord that the brain interprets. The brain interprets these signals as an injured stimulus which in turn send signal back via the spinal cord to the affected neurons that go to the effector organ or muscle and you strive to drive the mosquito away, all this happens in just fraction of seconds.

This simple process is what lies behind the movement and reaction the body receives from each stimulus. This process happens when ever you do any action or movement. And, it is the nervous system that controls the level of effort exerted on the muscles: hence, controls the muscle strength as well.

Chiropractic Care For Muscle Strength:

Chiropractic adjustments work in alignment with the nervous system so the body can stay in optimal shape. The result of the activation of neural receptors (part of the nerves that cause contractions of muscles known as mechanoreceptors) is almost same as that of lifting weights. The contraction and release process when a muscle flexes results in increasing the muscle strength.

Chiropractic adjustments not only stimulate the nerves but set the joints and bones correctly and align them in the best position possible. This makes your body movement easy and decreases injuries that you might associate while strength training. This is very important as continuing to train on misaligned muscles can cause damage to the muscles. Furthermore, if you continue working out for a long period, the muscle strength will decrease as muscles do not contract properly on misaligned joints. The proper alignment of the joints and muscles makes it more likely to increase the strength.

Scientifically Proven:

In fact in 2006, a study was done to assess the performance of the chiropractic adjustments in increasing the muscle strength in the leg muscles and the result was not just conclusive but it was clear that every sportsperson should go under chiropractic care for muscle strength increase. This phenomenon is not limited to sports but can help in the application of any type of manual labor.

Back to the study, there was a 10% significant increase in the quadriceps (leg muscle) in the group that got chiropractic adjustment, the same group showed no result before the adjustment. This study clearly indicates chiropractic has the ability in increasing strength in an individual.


A Tampa Chiropractor can not only assist in exercising the muscles but strengthening your training as they have the knowledge and can give adequate advice on the right exercises and stretches that can enhance your work-out in your gym. Stretching not only keeps the body active but helps in preventing injuries, which is the most vital part for any type of exercise. So go for a chiropractor’s advice and strengthen your body.