They say golf is one of the sports that can be pretty tough on your back. This is due to the ergonomics employed while playing and the motions you do with golf can hurt not only your muscles, but also your spine. First, as you glance on the golf ball before hitting it, your neck assumes a flexed position. This can significantly lead to neck strain and pain especially if you play golf regularly. Second, when you are hitting the ball, you swing your body and trunk more than what your back and spine can tolerate contributing to several problems over time. Moreover, carrying heavy golf clubs and bags on one shoulder in every game can further aggravate injuries to your spine and back, but luckily your local Tampa chiropractor can help even the most avid golfers.

For most golfers, they are not able to identify back problems until they already feel pain in their body. There are some who are apparently well during their adulthood, but experience major back issues when they stop playing golf. This makes chiropractic care an important prevention of back injuries and may also help those with existing problems as a result of playing golf for a long time.

What Chiropractic Care Can Do

Neck strain, back stiffness, lower back pain, shoulder pain, reduced flexibility and spinal subluxations are just some of the problems that can develop in golfers. Chiropractic care aims to resolve these problems through the following mechanisms:

  • Relieving spinal subluxations

Chiropractors are able to detect any nerve impingements along the spine using physical assessment as well as various diagnostic procedures. When nerves are compressed or irritated due to frequent swinging of the trunk in golf, it may lead to pain and back stiffness. Chiropractic adjustments may be done to release kinked nerves and maintain the normal flow of nerve supply in the various parts of the body. This may also help those with weakness on the arms as a result of irritation of nerves on the upper vertebral column.

  • Releasing muscle strain

Carrying your golf bag in one shoulder can significantly hurt your muscles on one side of your trunk. Chiropractic care can help you with this through series of massage therapies to relieve muscle tightness or spasms. Physiotherapy may also be involved to maintain the functioning of the arms and hands.

  • Relieving neck stiffness and strain

Your neck is also a target of chiropractic care for golfers simply because they too are strained during golf. Chiropractic care aims at maintaining proper alignment of the neck as well as posture to avoid forward neck strain.

  • Improving posture

An excellent posture is an important tool to improve your swing in golf. Relieving subluxations and back stiffness can help you assume better posture because you feel lighter on your back.

Playing golf with various musculoskeletal injuries can significantly reduce your athletic performance. If you are a golfer and would want to preserve your ability to play golf, seeking chiropractic care should be a priority. You will be surprised on how chiropractic care can significantly improve your posture, swing, overall strength and athletic performance. Consult your chiropractor for specific managements for golfers.