Car accident injuries are very common nowadays and statistics show that at least one car accident happens in a particular section of the road in a given week. With this, more and more people get involved in car accidents yearly causing various car accident injuries to rise as well. Most car accident injuries involve whiplash, joint and tissue damages as well as brain jarring or contusion injuries. Brain jarring or contusion can be a more serious problem that may require advanced treatment options. For whiplash injuries and various soft tissue injuries, chiropractic care from your local Lutz chiropractor can be the treatment of choice.

Chiropractic care is a special discipline involving various techniques in dealing with neuromusculoskeletal conditions as well as other conditions outside these systems. Chiropractors are well trained and licensed to manage various conditions and seeking chiropractic care is a good step to managing injuries from car accidents.

One of the most common injuries that you may experience following a car accident is a whiplash injury. It involves the sudden motion of the head backward and forward causing minor or major injuries to the cervical spine. Some people may be asymptomatic form whiplash, but the most common symptoms include neck strain, neck pain, headache and difficulty to move the head and neck. Chiropractic care is especially effective in managing whiplash injury since manipulations help bring back the integrity of the cervical spine and manage other associated symptoms.

A common condition that can be experienced following a car accident is muscle and joint stiffness. These happen because of the sudden flight and fight response of the body during car accidents eventually leading to the stiffness of the muscles and joints as one tries to defend oneself from any possible trauma. Chiropractic care sees to it that muscle and joint manipulations are employed to managed stiffness and improve one’s mobility.

Other conditions that are effectively managed by chiropractic care are soft tissue injuries. These may involve muscle sprains, strains and joint injuries. Chiropractors employ massage, strengthening exercises and other treatment options to effectively manage these soft tissue injuries.

One may also suffer from post-traumatic osteoarthritis following a car accident. This significantly affects the posture of the individual and may eventually lead to spinal degeneration of the affected vertebrae. Post-traumatic osteoarthritis is commonly seen in the cervical area as whiplash injury can tear the soft tissues between the vertebrae.

If you have met a recent accident and feel that you may have suffered from an injury, seeking chiropractic care not only helps you identify possible injuries, it also helps you achieve the following advantages:

• Reduced signs and symptoms of car accident injuries

• Reduced risk for developing chronic symptoms following the car accident

• Improved recovery from various injuries following the accident

• Improved range of motion and ambulation

• Reduced risk of complications of a car accident

Chiropractic care is a non-surgical approach in managing car accident injuries. This fact alone makes chiropractic care one of the most sought treatments for car accidents. In fact, a study has evaluated clients who had a car accident and revealed that victims were 100% satisfied with chiropractic care in relieving their car accident injuries such as whiplash. So if you had a car accident, go to a licensed chiropractor for appropriate treatments. Nevertheless, always put in mind that prevention is better than cure so maintain safety when you are out on the road.