Are you considering chiropractic adjustments, but fear that it may be painful? Have you heard stories that getting a spinal manipulation does cause pain? Many people might tell you it may be painful, but based on current evidence and experiences of Wesley Chapel clients, chiropractic adjustments are not painful and are generally safe.

Chiropractic adjustments are special procedures employed by chiropractors, which are health practitioners that are trained to do so. Commonly, manual manipulations are done, but in other instances, small instruments may also be utilized. Whether or not manipulations are done manually, they do not cause pain most of the time.

Chiropractic adjustments aim at correcting spinal subluxations or structural misalignments of the spine that affects the underlying nerves and overall function of the body part that is innervated by the affected nerve. When manipulations are done, misalignments in the spine are readjusted freeing the underlying nerves from compression.

Chiropractic care or adjustments help in the management of various conditions pain free, surgery free and side-effects free. Common condition managed by chiropractors include low back pain, headache and neck pain, but chiropractors are also able to manage conditions outside the musculoskeletal system such as asthma, allergies and others using chiropractic adjustments.

What chiropractors do is to determine any spinal subluxations using diagnostic tests and when present, manipulations are recommended. Chiropractors will ask their patients to sit or lie down depending on the level of the spine that needs to be adjusted. Then, a snappy motion is employed to immediately correct the misalignment. You might be surprised that you are already done with the procedure without feeling any discomfort. That is why adjustments are really painless procedures. You might feel a slight tension on the area being adjusted just because of the snappy motion they employ, but this won’t really hurt.

If Chiropractic Adjustments are not Painful, Where do the Popping Sounds come from?

Some people think that chiropractic adjustments are painful simply because chiropractors manipulate the spine and a popping noise is usually heard during adjustments. These popping sounds do not mean that you had your spine fractured or your vertebrae dislocated and hurt. These sounds indicate that the adjustments were successful and the spine is in its original position.

The popping sound during chiropractic adjustments is a result of movement of air bubbles within a joint during a manipulation. It indicates the movement of gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide in a misaligned joint. The popping sound is not associated with pain at all and you should be pain free during the adjustments. Nevertheless, it might feel odd during your first day of chiropractic manipulations so you should be ready to discuss your concerns on pain to your chiropractor before the procedure.

As you progress through your chiropractic adjustments, you may just feel like you are having a quick back massage during the procedure. If you feel pain or anything during the procedure, you may likely have other underlying conditions causing the pain. Nevertheless, chiropractors won’t perform a procedure if it is not right for you.