We all heard the stories that sitting all day can lead to negative effects. However, everyone won’t necessarily need to stand all day just to avoid sitting because standing all day can also lead to some consequences. The solution? Buying or making your own adjustable stand-up desk to make you maximize work outcomes as well as promote proper ergonomics while working.

Standing while working can help you mobilize better and makes your posture and circulation better as well. Convert your regular desk to a stand up one to maximize the benefits.

If you don’t have time making your own stand-up desk, there are a lot of furniture shops that can offer a variety of styles and designs that fit your needs. IKEA for example has a lot of stand-up desk designs. You can visit their online site or the nearest store in your place for a price quote.

Another place to go is UpDesk. They manufacture their own stand up desk and ship them worldwide. You may want to look at their lovely stand-up desk designs and order one for your office or home.

If you want a faster way to get your stand-up desk, you can also visit your local furniture shop and get your stand-up desk ready to be used for the day.

Making Your Own Stand-up Desk

A stand-up desk is practically the same with regular sitting desk. Making one is very similar to regular desks only that it tends to be higher. If you want to make your own stand-up desk, the following are the step by step instructions to make one:

  • Gather your materials

You need a DIY sitting desk, an extra table top rack, glue, and measuring tape.

  • Measure your height

To create the most ergonomic stand-up desk, you must know the right desk height. Measure the distance between your feet and your elbow. This distance should be the height of the top of the desk to allow flexion of the elbows while working and prevent strain on the arms and wrists.

  • Assemble your sitting desk

Assemble the sitting desk first. This becomes the base of your stand-up desk where you will put the extra table top desk to make the working area higher.

  • Put the table top desk

Now that your base is ready, assemble the table top rack on top. Make sure that the top most part is the same as the height you measured from your feet to your elbows. Make necessary adjustments as needed. Use the glue to stabilize the upper desk from the base.

  • Arrange your monitor, keyboard and mouse based on proper recommendations.

If you can’t make your DIY stand-up desk, you can always buy a stand-up desk that you can assemble at home.

Your DIY stand-up desk can become your tool for better posture and ergonomics while working. Make sure to rest after some time of work by using a high stool so you can sit down while working on your stand-up desk.