Having a consistently high blood pressure puts a person at risk for developing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions. These include stroke, heart attack, ischemic heart disease and the like. A high blood pressure or hypertension is the increase in  pressure that flows in the arteries as a result of the contraction and relaxation of the heart.

High blood pressure is a highly preventable condition; however, up to 15% of mortalities tend to occur because of this. Preventing it involves avoiding fatty foods, exercise, avoiding excessive salt intake, reducing stress levels and others. While it is easily preventable, many people develop hypertension eventually needing maintenance antihypertensive medications. These medications work effectively in lowering the blood pressure, but they can also lead to various side-effects.

If you are having high blood pressure, it is also wise to consider natural remedies. These remedies are effective as well as safe in managing hypertension. These include:

  • Garlic

Garlic has been widely studied to reduce the blood pressure. Regular intake of three cloves of garlic in a day helps reduce the cholesterol levels eventually reducing the blood pressure. Make sure to roast the garlic and never take it raw as it can cause gastric irritation.

  • Relax

High blood pressure tends to develop during periods of physical exertion and fatigue. Help relax your blood vessels by relaxing with music, guided imagery, yoga, and others.

  • Breathe deeply

Deep breathing exercises also help lower the blood pressure effectively. It helps dilate the blood vessels and relax the body for effective results. If you feel like your blood pressure is high, take deep breaths for 5 minutes or longer.

  • Reduce salt in the diet

Another effective way to reduce blood pressure to normal levels is to cut salt intake. Salt contains sodium, which attracts water into the blood stream making your blood volume increase and the pressure to elevate as well. Keep your salt intake to at most 3 grams daily. Also, limit intake of salty foods in the form of junk foods, preserved meats and the like.

  • Treat yourself with dark chocolate

Milk chocolates contain high amounts of fats, but dark chocolates don’t. Dark chocolates are even good for the heart because they maintain the integrity and elasticity of the blood vessel.

  • Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine in coffee and soda can increase the blood pressure because caffeine is a cardiac stimulant. If you are fond of drinking coffee or soda and you have high blood pressure, cutting down your intake of these beverages can significantly reduce your blood pressure level.

  • Exercise

Exercise is not just a preventive measure, but also an effective management for high blood pressure. Exercise allows for effective dilation and constriction of the blood vessels and makes the heart contract better. Engage in brisk walking, cycling, swimming and aerobics.  However, if you have existing hypertension, make sure to avoid too much exertion as this can also cause rebound high blood pressure.

  • Manage your stress

Stress is a very potent factor for developing hypertension. If you are stressed, the hormones that lead to high blood pressure also increase. Engage in activities to reduce stress such as meditation as much as possible.

If you have high blood pressure, these activities can help you reduce your digits without the side-effects. Discuss these to your health care provider for a more holistic hypertension management.