Biofreeze was invented by a medical professional who wanted to help his grandmother who was ailing from arthritis. The formula that he had created was a combination of synergistic blend of inactive ingredients and active menthol ingredient. This formula offered instant relief without using any prescription drug whatsoever.  Over the years this formula has provided relief for many patients in different types of pains and sprains.

Biofreeze is an analgesic based topical cream that is applied to the affected areas. The formula is so well blended that it completely eliminates any fatigue or strain from the muscles. Its applicability in the sports and athletics field makes BioFreeze world popular. Whenever a player or sports person requires quick relief from pain, BioFreeze is the number one solution. The formula has evolved over the years and it is now available in spray, gel and roll-on ball forms.

Application of BioFreeze is very beneficial:

  • For arthritis patients.
  • For Back, shoulder and neck pain.
  • For knee, hip and elbow joints.
  • For sore and strained muscles.
  • For reducing swelling.
  • For over tired muscles.

For more than 20 years, Biofreeze has been used by medical professionals, athletics coaches and chiropractors alike in relieving pain incurred from exercising and training. A study was done by the University of Louisville regarding the effects of BioFreeze. The study, led by Robert Topp, PhD, RN, shows that when Biofreeze is applied to the injured area, it reduces the blood flow to the affected area within 5 minutes and the effect continues for 10 to 15 minutes. Whereas, the average ice pack takes at least 20 minutes to achieve the same. Also, Biofreeze does not have any side-effect like skin irritation that most suffer due to the application of ice-packs.

Biofreeze can also be used in conjunction with physical therapies which increases the rehabilitation process.  Along with certain exercises and Biofreeze, many athletes have gotten back to the track and performed just like they used to prior to the injury. In fact this is not just a product meant to be used just by professionals, it can be used at home if you get a sprain tripping over something or getting your foot twisted.

Biofreeze is actually a Cryotherapy in which the cool effect of Biofreeze penetrates directly into the muscles and reduces the blood flow allowing the muscles to ease-out and get relief from the strain that has tensed them up. Unlike the ice packs, Biofreeze allows the blood to flow but a little slower so the muscles can heal completely. Pregnant women should not use BioFreeze.

Biofreeze can benefit people who are suffering from chronic pain or stiffness in the muscles or soreness. Biofreeze is the answer for all muscles strain and sprain related problems.

For arthritis patients Biofreeze benefits are like the bright light at the end of the tunnel. The active ingredients camphor, FD&C blue #1, glycerin, silicon dioxide, herbal extracts, methylparaben, propylene glycol, triethanolamine and water along with the active menthol ingredient is what gives out the cooling sensation that helps arthritis patients in getting relief from the pain. Biofreeze has proven itself time and again. Being easily available and easily applicable it is the best solution for many painful situations.