BioFreeze is a topical pain reliever most frequently used and recommended by experts, including your local Lutz chiropractor. It is the number one gel form analgesic used by massage therapists, podiatrists, physical therapists and chiropractors. BioFreeze contains menthol as an active ingredient known for its comfort inducing properties as well as pain relieving features.

Uses of BioFreeze

BioFreeze can be used for a variety of conditions involving pain and discomfort. It can be used during physical therapy to effectively relieve muscle spasms and pain along with manual physical therapy. It also helps relieve muscle tension in order for physiotherapy to have maximum results. BioFreeze can also be used as a direct pain relief measure for various musculoskeletal conditions through cold therapy. Joint pains such as elbow pain, knee pain, ankle pain and hip pain; muscle soreness; muscle strains; sprains; and other soft tissue injuries can be effectively relieved by the action of BioFreeze. Back pains, neck pains or stiffness, arthritis, shoulder pain and others can also benefit from BioFreeze. Aside from its direct pain relief properties, BioFreeze can also be used for the prevention of muscle soreness during exercise or sports activities. It is an effective remedy for sports related injuries as well. Finally, it can also be used for overall comfort during massage therapy or self-massage. With its vast use, BioFreeze has become the top choice of experts of overall pain relief and comfort.

Benefits of BioFreeze

If you have been experiencing pain and overall muscle discomfort, you might as well try BioFreeze for a fast and efficient pain relief through the following benefits:

  • The gel penetrates quickly

BioFreeze ha a quick penetrating action and is absorbed by the skin faster than any other topical pain relievers. This allows BioFreeze to produce pain relief measures quickly. BioFreeze also contains Ilex, an herb that is known for its deep penetration on the skin.

  • Provides deeper pain relief than ice packs

BioFreeze acts similarly to the action of ice packs in the form of cold therapy. However, BioFreeze gel has the ability to infiltrate deeper layers of the skin and muscles helping to yield more efficient pain relief.

  • Helps relieve swelling as well

Most counterirritants only produce pain relief without relieving swelling. The cold therapy involved in BioFreeze also helps reduced blood flow to the injured area leading to reduced swelling along with pain relief.

  • It is available in various preparations

BioFreeze is not only prepared in gel form, but in roll-on ball and spray form to cater for various pain relief needs.

  • BioFreeze is not messy

Compared to other topical pain relievers and ice packs, BioFreeze is not messy at all so you can apply it wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  Since it is easily absorbed, you can apply BioFreeze before going to the office with no worries that your skin can become oily or wet.

BioFreeze is one special topical pain relief that can help you relive pain side-effects free. If you want to get the benefits of BioFreeze and start to become pain free, visit a licensed chiropractor in your area.