Most men who want to develop their bodies concentrate on increasing the mass of the biceps as anyone with some bump on their upper arms can look very masculine. However, this preference can also lead to overuse injury to the biceps especially when carrying weights that are more than what the biceps can actually tolerate given its present strength and flexibility. A good workout on the biceps generally starts with proper and excellent biceps stretches before and after weight training.

To properly employ bicep stretches, the following exercises should be done for at least 20 seconds to make sure that the maximum stretch is sustained to yield better outcomes. Here are some of the important bicep stretches that you can employ:
• Biceps Backward Stretch
This stretch is a very effective means of stretching the biceps as well as the shoulder and chest muscles for more holistic stretching. Begin by standing erect with your arms supported at the rear on a table or bench. Slowly squat to lower the body and allow the biceps to stretch further. As you lower your body, you can feel a stretch on your muscles. Stop at the point when pain is felt. Repeat the stretch 5 times.

• Biceps Arm Stretch
Stand in an erect manner and bend your knees a little bit. Place your hands on your lower back with palms facing away your back. Your arms should be as straight as possible and there should be no bending of the arms. Lift your arms as high as you can while they are at your rear side.

• Arm Pivot
Stand up straight with your head and neck in a neutral position. Stand hip width apart. Extend your arms to the side with palms facing the ground. Pivot your body to the right to face the wall at your back while stretching your arms as far as you can. After 20 counts, return to original position and repeat on the left side.

• Wall stretch
Wall stretch can help stretch your triceps and biceps muscles all at one. Place your hands against the wall with the palms facing the surface and the fingers pointed towards the ceiling. Squat slowly and you can feel the stretch on your upper arms.

• Seated Biceps Stretch
Start by sitting on the floor with the arms extended behind you against the floor. The fingers should be pointing away from your back. Slowly walk your fingers backwards until you feel a stretch. Repeat 5 times.

• Partner Stretch
Partner stretch is rather a difficult and more aggressive stretch, but when executed correctly, it is one of the excellent ways to train the biceps. Lie on a table with your shoulder over the edge and the arms dangling or hanging on the side of the table. Ask a friend to pull the forearm as far as possible while you are contracting your arms. Make sure to instruct your partner not to pull aggressively as this can damage the nerves on your arms.

• Biceps release
When your biceps are a little stiff and stretching can cause significant discomfort, employing biceps release is a good way to enhance the flexibility of the muscles. Place a roller under the biceps on a flat surface and move your body sideways so that the roller can massage the biceps muscles.

Before any exercise or training involving the upper arms, employing biceps stretches can help you achieve better results and prevent injury to the muscle group.