Sitting for a prolonged period of time has been seen as a culprit for many circulation and musculoskeletal problems. Conditions related to prolonged sitting include poor posture; neck, shoulder and back pains, varicosities, leg pain, and general poor circulation. These gave rise to several steps on how to minimize these problems through limiting the number of hours that one should sit in a day and the reason your Wesley Chapel chiropractor uses a standing desk.

For those working in front of their desks or computers; standing desks have been devised to allow motion during work. It allows the person to stand up instead of sit down for prolonged period of hours. However, does standing desks really provide benefits as compared to using regular desks? The following outlines the benefits of using standing desks:

  • Makes the mind work better

In line with the task at hand, using stand up desks is seen as more beneficial in concentration and critical thinking. When your body is in motion while you stand, your mind also becomes more focused giving you a psychological benefit. For those who are mentally strained with their work, stand up desks allows a subconscious reset on your work attitudes according to one study.

  • Allows better flexibility of the muscles

Standing while working allows the body to become more active; making the muscles more flexible while you work. It prevents the effects of reduced mobility in sitting, which helps prevent muscle aches because of prolonged sitting.

  • Improves the circulation

Sitting for long periods also impairs the circulation especially in the dependent areas of the body. Standing desks keeps the blood in excellent dynamics, which can also help reduce the blood pressure.

Standing desks also maximizes your ability to move your legs while you work limiting possible thrombophlebitis and dangerous blood clots that can lead to heart attack and stroke.

  • Reverses the effects of prolonged sitting

Studies show that exercise after a day’s work does not reverse the negative effects of prolonged sitting. It seems that the only way to prevent the complications of prolonged sitting is to avoid sitting for prolonged period of time. In this line, using standing desks can help you reverse the bad effects that prolonged sitting has placed in your body.

  • Helps burn more calories

For weight conscious individuals, standing desks can also help you burn those unwanted calories in your body. Standing while working is like hitting two birds as the same time. You work while you exercise so it lessens the amount of time you need to spend at the gym after work.

  • Improves posture

If you suffer from postural problems such as a slouched position when sitting for prolonged periods, standing desks can help you improve this bad posture. Standing makes your back muscles and shoulders more engaged allowing you to stand erect and maintain healthier spinal alignment.

Standing while working provides more benefit than prolonged sitting. If you are a business owner or you are working in front of your desk, better get a standing desk to reap the benefits and avoid long term health effects.