Getting a massage is one of the most relaxing endeavors that you can have. Not only does it provide stimulation and relaxation, it also aids in the release of free radicals in the cells for a more holistic way of stress reduction. Massage comes in many forms from Shiatsu, Thai, deep tissue massage and sports massage. Today, we also have rolling massage tables that one can use alone or in combination with other massage techniques, all available at your local Tampa chiropractor.

Rolling massage tables are custom made tables available in chiropractic clinics and they can be purchased for personal use. A rolling massage table can offer various features to its users including:

  • Gentle and deep massage styles

Depending on the type of rolling massage table you get or use, various massage styles can be employed from gentle to deep catering to your various massage needs. Some may even provide specific massage techniques such as shiatsu.

  • Intersegmental traction

Rolling massage tables can also offer intersegmental traction to the spine for those suffering from various spine issues such as subluxations or nerve impingements. The intersegmental traction that rolling massage tables produce allows the spine to be aligned better reducing more significant back pain. When treating disc herniations and spinal subluxations, rolling massage tables are used for the purpose of providing gentle and safe traction on the spine.

  • Vibratory motions

Rolling massage tables also produce therapeutic vibratory motions to help relieve stress on various parts of the body. The soothing vibration stimulates tired and injured muscles and soft tissues for a more relaxing massage experience. With rolling massage tables, you get to experience quality massage all by yourself or with the help of massage therapists and chiropractors.

  • Mobility

Rolling massage tables can be purchased for personal use so you may be able to bring your own massage table at home. Certain chiropractors and manufacturers offer their own massage tables for individual use.

  • Multi-function

Aside from using the tables for massage purposes, rolling massage tables can also be used for examination and other treatment purposes making rolling massage tables as one of the most supportive tools in chiropractic clinics.

All the features of rolling massage tables promote specific advantages to the users such as:

  • Improved circulation all over the body

The rolling motion of massage tables allows improved circulation in the body along with the release of free radicals. The rolling motions allow the muscles to relax eventually leading to relaxation of the underlying blood vessels for improved blood flow. Each and every session in a rolling massage table provides a feeling of well-being due to its effect on the circulation of blood.

  • Stress reduction

Using rolling massage tables promote a generalized stress reduction. Most of the users of this custom made massage table report a better sense of balance and relaxation and allows them to continue their usual activities.

If you want to experience the benefits of rolling massage tables, you can seek massage treatments at top chiropractic clinics or you can purchase one for your home.