Low impact exercises are sometimes considered beneficial only for the elderly but it is far from the truth. These exercises impart less stress on the joints, ankles and hips so they are beneficial both for elderly people who suffer from diseases like arthritis and young ones who have suffered from an injury. In fact many people choose to perform these exercises in order to avoid injuries in the future.

If done correctly, low impact workouts can also burn a lot of calories and keep the body in shape. There are many exercises available that will provide you a solid aerobics platform and most of them give you a very good workout. To begin you can follow one of the exercises given below. For added recommendations, you can consult a personal trainer and your doctor if you have suffered an injury or have any joint problem.

  • Swimming: This is one of the best low impact exercises. Apart from being a good cardiovascular and aerobic workout it is also very effective in working every muscle in the body and burning calories. Regular lap swimming is very beneficial for both young and aged people.
  • Cycling: Bicycling or static cycling is a very popular workout. This low impact workout does not put the body at risk yet manages to burn 150 – 200 calories per hour. Even people with knee problem can undertake cycling as an exercise as it does not put too much stress on the knees.
  • Walking: A low impact alternative to running and jogging. Walking for half an hour each day helps burn calories, keep the body in pristine shape and improve blood flow throughout the body which in turn builds strong immunity. Walking is highly recommended for diabetic patients.
  • Trekking/Hiking: If you want a change, you can opt for hiking or trekking too. Trudging through uneven terrain can burn calories and work on the muscles while keeping the impact on the body to moderate levels.
  • Zumba: This cardio dance form is designed especially for aerobic exercises. A typical Zumba session can easily burn up to 200 calories. There is a low impact, low intensity version Zumba that is best suited for elderly people.
  • Aerobics Exercises: Aerobics increase the heart rate. These exercises increase the blood flow and decrease the stiffness in the body that leads to the pain in the back and joints. Apart from chiropractic care, aerobics is one of the best ways to eradicate back problems. There are very low impact versions of aerobics that do not put any pressure on the body.
  • Weight Training: Weight training (not weight lifting) is very good for increasing power and endurance. Regular weight training helps keep the body in shape and increase muscle strength. There are low impact weight exercises that your trainer can guide you with.

The conclusion is that low impact exercises are beneficial for burning calories and maintaining a strong and toned body. Perfect for both young and old people, these exercises protect joints and injured body parts from sudden exertions.