The Graston Technique is a new emerging technique in managing scar tissue disorders and other soft tissue injuries. It is a mobilization technique involving the use of hand-held instruments to provide therapy and management of various soft tissue conditions.

The Graston technique uses strokes against the body using metal instruments to break up scar tissue and promote flexibility and circulation on the affected body part. These instruments are also used to identify areas of restrictions, which would include scar tissue formation or soft tissue injury (strains and sprains).

The Graston technique is utilized by various health practitioners including physiotherapists, physicians, massage therapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors. The vast use of this technique supports its efficacy in managing soft tissue conditions.

The main mechanism of the Graston technique is to employ strokes against the body to identify and break up scar tissues. This effect is responsible for the many benefits of Graston technique including:

  • Managing various restrictions in the body

Restrictions in the soft tissues can be in the form of a pulled ligaments, strains, sprains and injury to the fascia. When these restrictions develop, the soft tissues are intertwined and become spastic. The Graston technique works by breaking up these restrictions to allow relaxation of the affected areas of the body.

  • Rearranges the soft tissue structures

Another benefit of the Graston technique is to realign or rearrange the makeup of restricted soft tissues to prevent reoccurrence of pain and limitation.

  • Promotes healing of soft tissues

When restrictions are removed, the circulation and nerve flow to the affected body part is also enhanced promoting faster and better soft tissue healing.

  • Activates the nerve fibers better

Soft tissue mobilization is also seen as beneficial for nerve fiber activation. This leads to the prevention of numbness and tingling sensations, pain and weakness.

  • Improves balance and coordination

The Graston technique also improves proprioception for better balance and coordination as soon as the soft tissue injury or scar tissue is healed.

  • Improves general mobility

Scar tissues and muscle knots on the back can contribute to significant limitation in mobility. When you break this muscle knots through Graston technique, there is more improved mobility and flexibility of the muscles releasing back tensions and discomforts.

  • Significantly reduces muscle pain

Muscle pain comes from the reduction in the blood flow as well as kinking of the underlying nerves from the spastic muscles. The Graston technique provides strokes into the affected body part to release tension and spasms for improved circulation and nerve flow; hence, reducing muscle pain.

  • Promotes faster recovery or rehabilitation

The Graston technique can also be used as an adjunct management to chiropractor care and physiotherapy for faster recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Reduces the need for medications

Breaking muscle knots and scar tissues through Graston technique is also an effective way to limit the use of anti-inflammatory medications.

  • Provides a diagnostic and therapeutic means for soft tissue injuries

The Graston technique not only contributes to the management of certain conditions, but also aids in the diagnosis of which.

If you are looking for a non-invasive and effective means for managing muscle and soft tissue conditions such as muscle knots, visit your chiropractor and discuss the possible benefits of Graston technique to your condition.