CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 is an important substance found in every cell in the body. It is used for energy production and is mainly used for cell growth and development. CoQ10 is a popular antioxidant, which is important for the reduction of free radicals to maintain cellular health.

CoQ10 is found in most foods, but higher amounts are found in organ meats including liver, heart and kidneys. It is also found in abundant amounts in mackerel, soy, beef and sardines. Nevertheless, you can also take the enzyme in the form of food supplements. They usually are manufactured in soft gel capsules.

CoQ10, aside from being important for cellular health, has a lot of uses and benefits for the body. These include:

  • Promotes digestive processes

CoQ10 is an important substance for digestion. It helps digestive enzymes become more efficient in digestion and absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. It also enhances water absorption in the gut making the emptying of bowels easier and more regular.

  • Protects the heart

An important function of CoQ10 is its cardio-protective mechanisms. It helps the mitochondria in the heart cells to produce more energy for more efficient pumping of the heart muscles. It was seen in studies that it can help improve the symptoms of heart failure although more studies need to be undertaken to establish a strong evidence for this claim.

  • Improves musculoskeletal functioning

CoQ10 is believed to prevent the development of muscular dystrophy, the reduction in the size and functioning of the skeletal muscles. It also promotes bone health for better skeletal function.

  • Helps prevent cellular aberrations

CoQ10 had been very popular as a food supplement because of its role in the prevention of cellular aberrations. Cellular aberrations are organic changes in the cells that lead to cancer. Regular intake of CoQ10 is seen as an important protection for the cells to prevent malignancies. CoQ10 was specifically seen to be effective in the prevention of breast cancer. It can also serve as an adjunct therapy for certain cancers for better coping and recovery from the disease.

  • Boosts energy

CoQ10 is very important for energy production. Intake of foods rich in this substance helps restore and promote energy production. It is especially useful for athletes and those with an active lifestyle to regain energy and functioning.

  • Prevents adverse drug reactions

Being an antioxidant, CoQ10 is also an excellent adjunct therapy for people taking medications for the heart, kidneys and liver. It helps metabolize the drugs better to prevent organ toxicity and even allergic reactions.

CoQ10 may provide various benefits, but like any other drugs, it may also lead to certain side-effects such as insomnia, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, headache, rashes and irritability. If you are interested in taking CoQ10, but have underlying medical conditions, it is important to consult a health practitioner on the use of CoQ10 to prevent drug interactions.

Aside from taking CoQ10 in supplement forms, you may also consider taking it from natural sources such as organ meats, healthy fish and red meats.