An automobile accident is one of the most debilitating accidents you can ever have considering that it can affect your spinal cord and involves high rates of speed and impact. However, not all accidents can really be debilitating and you may even get out of your car pain-free and injury free, but still may need to visit your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor just to be on the safe side.

No matter your condition is after a minor car accident, there are essential steps that you should do not only to prevent long-term physical effects, but to ensure that you get reimbursements from your insurance. If you recently had an automobile accident or to make you prepared in case you have one, the following are the things that you should do:

  • Get the information of the other person you are involved with

If you had an encounter with another car, it is important to get the plate number, model of the car and the make-up. Take a picture of the plate number with your phone or write them down in case the other person drives off and leave you.

  • Call the police

Even if you only have a minor car accident, there is a need to ring the police because this may help you claim for your insurance in the future. Also make sure that you do not move your car unless it is seen by the police. Turn on your emergency light and put on some hazard signs to help redirect traffic in case you are in the middle of the road.

  • Determine if it is safe for you to go out of your car

In most cases, going out of your car can be best especially if you had a major car accident. However, for minor ones, you may opt to stay inside especially if the other person might hit you unguarded due to the accident. Wait until the police come before going out if it is not safe for you to come out.

  • File a claim from your insurance company

After you have reported to the police, the next thing that you need to do is to give a notification to your insurance company about the accident. If you are not at fault, you may also file a claim.

  • Seek help from health professionals

After a car accident, it is not just the police and the insurance that matters. You may need to have your body checked for any problems. For minor car accidents, physical complaints sometimes arise after several days. Neck pains and back pains may develop as a result of a whiplash injury and you may experience reduced neck motion limiting your ability to perform your usual activities. No matter how pain-free you are immediately after your automobile accident, make sure you get checked.

Chiropractors especially help you detect any problems arising from car accidents specifically whiplash injuries. You may also need physical therapy, exercises and spinal manipulation to help realign your vertebrae.

All these steps are very essential after an automobile accident. Nevertheless, it is still prudent to prevent any road accidents because you may not know when you will meet a major accident that may cost your life. Check your car and yourself before driving.