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If you are one of the thousands of people who sit and work for prolonged periods, you probably know the health repercussions that this can cause, and you may even currently suffer from backaches, headaches, and neck pain. In comparison to sitting, standing is an alternative, but prolonged standing can have equally negative effects on the body. So what’s the solution? The best option is to find a balance between periods of standing and sitting, and this can be accomplished easily with a standing desk converter, like the Ergoconvert from AnthroDesk from


Benefits of Standing More Throughout The Day


Improved Core Strength And Posture: Working while you stand helps add strength to the core of your body, and a strong core can help to stabilize your back and prevent or limit back pain.

Burn Calories: According to medical studies, alternating between sitting and standing helps to burn more calories than sitting all day.

Improved Performance: When you alternate between sitting and standing, blood flow is increased, which helps to prevent fatigue and increase your performance.

It is not easy, or healthy, to sit or stand for prolonged periods at a time, but having a balance between the two will help reduce pain and muscle tightness, while allowing you to work at a strong pace without feeling as fatigued. If you have any health challenges that prevent you from standing for too long, you should consult your doctor before using a desk converter.


Benefits of the ErgoConvert


  •  Works with your existing desk
  •  Can be used for sitting or standing throughout the day
  •  Motorized movement makes it quick and easy to alternate between sitting and standing
  •  More affordable alternative to the full sized sit-stand desks
  •  Easy to assemble


In our office, our staff members use the electric ErgoConvert sit stand desk converter and love the functionality and convenience that it provides. If you are in need of a standing desk converter, the ErgoConvert is a reliable, affordable option.

Proper posture while sitting and standing is also very important for preventing pain and biochemical issues. If you are interested in discussing your posture habits, Dr. Mohr can easily help you identify biomechanical disturbances that you may be experiencing. He can also show you proper posture techniques and habits that you can perform to help improve your posture over time.