If you are trying acupuncture or is willing to start the therapy and wondering how many treatments you need, the answer is there is no definite number of treatments for all people because the individual needs and conditions of clients determine the number of acupuncture treatments needed. The number and frequency of the acupuncture treatment differ from each person. This difference is largely affected by the age of the client, the condition being treated, the overall health status of the client as well as the response to the acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture is an alternative and complementary treatment for ailments and as compared to medical therapy, the effects are rather gradual and most clients require 8 to 10 sessions or treatments not forgetting the factors stated earlier. Although the exact number or frequency of treatment depends on individual circumstances, generally, acute ailments such as short duration back pain, sprain, menstrual cramps and muscle knots may only require as little as one to two treatments. On the other hand, chronic conditions such as asthma, chronic pain, migraine, infertility and others may require several treatments that may reach more than a dozen.

The number of visits to an acupuncturist also depends on the age. Children and adolescents may only require 1 to 3 treatments while adults may require more than four sessions given the same set of problems because children tend to have smaller bodies and respond faster to acupuncture therapy.

The frequency of treatment also usually differs from the extent of recovery of the clients. Those who respond faster will definitely require lesser therapy while those who do not seem to respond well may require further sessions with the acupuncturist. During the first few treatments, the frequency may be higher such as every other day. After which, the treatments may be scheduled farther from each other such as once a week or once every two weeks until the treatments are complete. During days that you are not required for acupuncture treatment, other remedies may be prescribed such as herbs, exercises and diets to serve as an adjunct treatment for your condition.

When will I See Improvements?

Regardless of the case, studies show that significant changes and improvements may be seen after 3 sessions. Improvement may in the form of lesser pain, better sleep, appetite and overall well-being. Nevertheless, treatments should not be ceased when first improvements are felt or seen because full recovery needs a full duration of acupuncture treatments as identified by the practitioner.

Do I need Acupuncture after the Treatments Ended?

Even after the complete course of acupuncture treatments, regular visits for acupuncture are still advisable. Well or normal individuals are also advised to undergo the therapy. Acupuncture is also a preventive alternative medicine so you can visit an acupuncturist two to four times a year for balancing your energy flow and maintaining optimum well-being.

The best way to determine how many acupuncture treatments you need is to consult a licensed and experienced acupuncturist for comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of your condition and determination of the course of treatments you need to take.