What is Acupuncture?

There is a two way communication between the skin and all organs, glands, and tissue of the body; by stimulating certain skin parts, the progress of the conditions cannot only be arrested but even reversed, bringing the patient back to health with normal function.

Levels of Acupuncture Use & Treatment:

  1. Pain Control (treat at site of pain)
  2. Bi-Formula (cookbook recipe)
  3. Classic/Traditional (instrument, pulse dx, etc)

Qi – Bipolar electromagnetic energetic power flow; the energy power flow that runs the body and heals the body; the life source or vital force. Dis-ease is caused by Qi-interference.

Qi circulates 3 ways:

  1. Superficial – through the 12 meridians, classic flow.
  2. Deep – organ to organ, between the 5 elements.
  3. Luo – between the coupled meridians.

Meridian – A channel of energy flow. What affects a meridian can affect anything along the meridians (ie. organs, glands, and tissues) Runs on a 24-hour cycle. An example of meridian imbalance can be stress. Total Meridians 71: 12 main, 8 extra, 12 divergent, 15 collateral, 12 muscle, and 12 cutaneous.

  • 361 electroenergy points lie along 12 main meridians, conception vessel, and governing vessel. Each lie 1/8 inch subepidermal.
  • Over 200 points in the ear and over 1000 on the entire body.
  • Distal points are more effective than proximal points.

12 types of acupuncture points exist:

  1. Tonification – increase energy flow into a meridian.
  2. Sedation – decrease energy flow from a meridian.
  3. Source points – amphoteric (increase or decrease energy based on body needs) located at wrists and ankles.
  4. Alarm points – “Moo pts” located on the front of the body.
  5. Associated points – “Bei Shu pts” points located on the bladder meridian.
  6. Connecting points – “Luo pts” connects coupled meridians and 5 elements.
  7. Entry – where energy enters
  8. Exit – where energy exits
  9. Horary – points that treat own meridian, for chronic conditions.
  10. Accumulation – treat for acute conditions, quick results.
  11. Intersection – where two or more channels or extraordinary vessels intersect.
  12. Element – between elbows/fingers and knees/toes.

Midday-Midnight Law – follows the 24-hour circadian rhythm. Various symptoms are more pronounced in the two hour time frame and treatment is most effective at that time.


  • Nine different types
  • Painless due to small diameter.
  • Smaller gauge needles are used to treat face, ear, or other superficial points.
  • Larger gauge needles are used to treat muscular points, deep needles and electrotherapy.

Tei-Shen – non-piercing method used to stimulate acupoint.

Electrical Stimulation – can be used in conjunction with needling.